If i got this for free?

#1 Posted by Kane (380 posts) -

is it even worth my time to play through it?  The only reason I liked the first games was because they were funny, but considering i was like 9 at the time i guess that isent saying much, what do you say giant bomb?
#2 Posted by DeeGee (2175 posts) -

Free games are free games man. If you're not putting down any money for it, it's hard to complain.

#3 Posted by Crono11 (1653 posts) -

I think everyone should play this game. 

#4 Posted by DonChipotle (3077 posts) -

If you get it for free what is the harm in playing it? The worst that happens is you don't like it, but hey at least it didn't cost anything

#5 Posted by punkxblaze (3014 posts) -

Is 'getting for free' code for pirating, or is this hypothetical? Also, anything I got for free I would give a shot at playing, even if it were purportedly the most terrible product to ever rape the senses of the end consumer. So yes, if you got it for free, be it by nefarious means or not, give it a shot.

#6 Posted by Barrock (3775 posts) -

In my opinion yes. I rented it from Redbox. Got 850 achievement points and don't regret one minute. Well except the loading time minutes.

#7 Posted by YoungFrey (1363 posts) -

As a person with far more money than free time, I will never ever get to play all the games I like.  I'd try Duke out, but I sure wouldn't bother continuing to play if it wasn't good. 
#8 Posted by No0b0rAmA (1511 posts) -

.......I hope you don't mean pirating it... kidding! Sort of.  I say try out the demo first or watch some of the gameplay footage and see if you like it or not. It's not that it's a terrible game, it's just ok.

#9 Posted by SlasherMan (1723 posts) -

Ask yourself this: How much do you value your time?

#10 Posted by lusence (427 posts) -

just rent it and quit your bitching. if my pc was up right now ( keep kicking myself ) id be playing witcher II right now neways. now that game looks like a 10...

#11 Posted by Subjugation (4816 posts) -

Free? Sure it's worth a playthrough.

#12 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12904 posts) -

Even I'd play DNF if I got it for free. I'm not sure if I would finish it (at some point your time is worth more than your money), but I'd certainly play it. Of course, if I were to get a new boxed version of the game I'd rather hawk it on Ebay for $30 starting bid, assuming this hypothetical situation were to ever occur.
#13 Posted by Jaqen_HGhar (1134 posts) -

Just because a lot of people think the game is crap and that they would rather spend the time jamming rusted nails into their ears doesn't mean you must also feel that way. I got it today, and I think it is totally fine. Far from the best game ever, but also far from the worst. I am having fun with it, which is what matters. I didn't much care for the demo, but I seem to enjoy the full game more.

#14 Posted by Kane (380 posts) -

not enough to play this game, demo sucked.
#15 Posted by bybeach (5191 posts) -

'If I got it for free'...really? Poor Duke Nukem Forever, getting it's ass kicked for what seems forever.

#16 Posted by PenguinDust (12845 posts) -

Anything free is usually worth a few hours of your time.  Hell, for educational purposes alone it would be worth the price of "free".

#17 Posted by nintendoeats (6144 posts) -

It's interesting enough to warrant a playthrough, but there are a lot of factors that will determine whether or not you will enjoy it. One quick note: The gunplay early on feels kind of bad, but it improves in the mid-late game.

#18 Posted by TheUnsavedHero (1271 posts) -

Eh... Why not. You didn't buy it so it won't burn you if you don't like it.

#19 Posted by Mikemcn (7511 posts) -

Well if you buy it you can say, I paid money for this, im not going to just waste it.

if its Free, and you play it, you just hate yourself.

#20 Posted by jetsetwillie (882 posts) -

my gaming time is precious to me.  
as i get older i get less and less time to spend playing video games.  
so for me, if i got a free copy of DNF it would go straight onto ebay and i would put the money towards a great game as opposed to a game thats 'not too bad'. 

#21 Posted by S0ndor (2718 posts) -

If anyone gifts this to you, you should slap them in the face for giving you such a shitty gift.

#22 Posted by Skald (4395 posts) -

I probably wouldn't. I got books to read.

#23 Posted by ShaggE (7241 posts) -

Definitely worth it at free. Besides the "gaming history" aspect, all of the people yammering about "this game is the worst game to ever be a game!" are spouting some pretty farfetched hyperbole.  
Besides, if that were true, then it'd still be worth it in the way that everybody should own Big Rigs and Cheetahmen. 

#24 Posted by Danteveli (1314 posts) -

You can get some fun out of it but if there are other games on your list you may want to play them first. 

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