The Hail to the Icons Parody Pack DLC Thread!

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If your a first access club member (or even remotely care about Duke Nukem Forever at this point) you should know that the first DLC is now available for purchase called The Hail to the Icons Parody Pack. It offers three new multiplayer game modes, four new maps, as well as new weapons.

First access club members get the DLC for free, if your not a member its 800MSP on Xbox or $9.99 on PS3 and Steam. I never had any remote interest in playing the game, never mind the DLC so I have a code for any platform ( depending where you live the code might not be redeemable yet!) the first person to reply can get the code if they like, then any other people with codes (who don't want them can post in this thread too!)

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Seems like a case of "too little, too late." I thought people had moved on from Duke at this point.

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Well Im a first access member and never ended up buying the game so if someone want my code. Here it is: 9KDHT-434YK-GTX3G-RV6T2-Q4GHZ (XBOX360)

Just post underneath if you have used it

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