What if this had been budget priced at release?

#1 Posted by sdharrison (476 posts) -

I can't help but think Gearbox (or whoever was in charge of determining price point) made a big mistake in giving DNF a premium price tag.  If this had been a $20 - $30 nostalgia trip, I think it would have been forgiven more in the press and ultimately sold TONS more copies (especially through low overhead digital downloading).  A bit baffling to me that they opted to take the route of being judged on price against current games.

#2 Posted by Cloudenvy (5891 posts) -

If this had been $20 I would've bought it the moment it was released, heh!

#3 Posted by 71Ranchero (2781 posts) -

Budget price wouldn't work for me. Im pretty sure I wouldn't even download it from Steam if it was free. The character is just too unlikable. He was almost irrelevant when he jumped to 3d to begin with, don't even get me started on how irrelevant he is today.  
The crowd that this game appeals too is far too young to feel any nostalgia for the series. 

#4 Posted by jaymorgoth (242 posts) -

Even if it was budget priced I would regret getting this game. Don't get me wrong I would still get it simply to play it, to have that closure, but I still would feel the way I feel now. That game is a frustrating, boring, outdated, piece of garbage man. Everything Jeff has said about that game holds true, cannot recommend the game to anyone at any price.

#5 Posted by MildMolasses (3223 posts) -

Even at a budget price this would still pale in comparison to others (Banjo Kazooie and Deadly Promonition spring to mind). Even though DP is shitty in its own right, it at least had a ton of personality and characters that were likable to make it worthwhile

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