Yahtzee could have written Duke Nukem Forever

#1 Posted by Beforet (2911 posts) -

As in he was considered to write the script for DNF. That's kind of mind blowing, actually. It really brings into perspective how everyone individual tangentially related to the industry has some connection to the project, however minor. Apparently his vision was built around an ironic portrayal of the Duke, as opposed to the oddly straight version we seem to have. I would like to see that scene he sent in; like him or not he's a decent writer and he probably could have done something good with this game.

#2 Posted by billnyethesciencepie (1333 posts) -

Would have been at least lamer with its humor

#3 Posted by buzz_clik (6892 posts) -

@Beforet: Agreed. Whatever your view on him, whether he's played out or not, dude knows how to turn a phrase (with novel crudities a specialty).


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