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Duke Nukem Manhattan Project Duke Nukem Manhattan Project

(This review originally appear in my local towns paper written by me, I only have a 400 word limit per column hence the short word count but I probably couldn't write much more about it without being boring.)
Duke Nukem Manhattan Project

Taking Duke Nukem back to his roots as a platform-shooter might of not been the best idea, even way back when it was released in 2002 for the PC. While keeping the traditional Duke themes of funny weapons, quips and enjoyable equipment such as Jetpacks and Pipe Bombs the levels themselves don’t seem to suit any of this. I often found myself lost within the labyrinth levels which led to either boredom of frustration; luckily this does get better with further progression.
It’s definitely a “marmite” game and should be trialled before buying. I have a love hate relationship with the game mainly for the unfair one-shot kills and undirected boss fights but overall it does turn out to be better than average platform game which unlocks a nice avatar jetpack upon completion.


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