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One of Kain's six sons and once part of the Sarafan brotherhood. Thought not as strong as Raziel or Turel, Dumah looked the most physically strong and along with Turel cast Raziel into the abyss. Over the next few centuries, Dumah devolved into a huge vampire with armor like flesh making him very powerful. Strong but foolish, his stronghold was stormed by hordes of humans who managed to impale him but were unable to kill him. When Raziel approached Dumah in the ruined city he removed the spikes and Dumah thanked him. Filled with revenge Raziel insulted Dumah, to which Dumah responded "The centuries in limbo have honed my strength. Not even Kain is my equal". Raziel went on to slay him and absorb his soul. This gave him the power of telekinesis.

Dumah was voiced by Simon Templeman.

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