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Dungelot is a dungeon exploring roguelike with some RPG elements. You are given a choice of several different character classes at the beginning of the game, each with unique skills. After you have made your selection, you are dropped into the first floor of a dungeon. The exit to the next floor is locked and a key must be found in order to proceed. Behind each cell could lie a helpful ally, a useful spell or piece of equipment, or a terrible monster. Try your best to get through as many floors as you can.


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The basic gameplay revolves around the dungeon floor. You are dropped into a floor at the locked door. You can open any cell in the four main directions. If an enemy is discovered in a cell, he will effectively block entry to any of the cells that surround him. In order to progress through the dungeon, you will either need to find a path around the enemy, or attack the enemy to unlock the cells.

Combat is very simple. Clicking or tapping on an enemy will perform a single attack phase. The player character will get an attack, and the enemy will get an attack. The order has some randomness and is affected by the player's initiative stat. You are not required to continue your attack after a single attack phase, nor will the enemy continue to attack you.

To escape a floor, the player must find a hidden key. This key is held by a monster somewhere on the floor.

Besides monsters, there are many other things you will find hidden behind cells.


Item NameFunctionImage
CoinGives you money. Money awarded is based on what floor you are currently on.
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HeartInstantly restores health. Amount of health restored is based on the current floor.
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SwordAdds 1 attack point to the player's character. This will persist through the entire playthrough.
AntidoteGives you an antidote potion that is used to cure poison.
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KeyUsed to open the door to the next floor.
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BannerAdds points to the player's mood.
SpellVarious benefits to the player. These are one time use items that can be activated, or traded in for life.
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Ally TypeFunctionImage
HealerHeals the player a large amount. This amount increases more depending on the floor the player is on.
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Fire MageDeals damage to all visible enemies when activated. The amount of damage scales depending on the floor the player is on.
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KnightPrevents 3 attacks from hitting the player.
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VillagerRandom quest that appears for the player. By finding 3 villagers on a floor, the player completes a quest that award a large amount of money and health, based on the current floor, and an additional attack point.
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