Coming out in 5 days (19th october), anyone else interested?

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10% off on steam right now and pre-ordering gets you some TF2 in-game items. It is being described as a Coop RPG style tower defense. 4 class and lots of loot. Anyone else out there interested or already have bought it?

I got a couple of friends getting it but I'm totally down to play with some of the GB community.

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I'll take that as a no.

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I'll be downloading it on PS3, looks like fun.

***Since this is cross-platform enabled, I'd totally be down for some co-op***

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@Bucketdeth: Since the game uses steamworks, will I be able to play with ps3 players?

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It only caught my because of the Portal Device and TF2 dudes, but not enough to pay for it.

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@Seedofpower said:

@Bucketdeth: Since the game uses steamworks, will I be able to play with ps3 players?

I don't think cross-platform is universally guaranteed in all Steamworks games. But I do know that they have confirmed that Dungeon Defenders specifically is one of the games where PS3 players can play with Steam players. You definitely won't be able to play with Xbox 360 players and iOS/Android players, though.

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@BisonHero: Yeah, I figured that as much about xbox and such. Too bad this game is coming out with so many triple AAA titles around it.

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add your info on the other thread, i'll be playing too

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