First Game To Allow Cross-Platform with Steam, PS3, and Mobile

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Gentlemen (and Ladies), 
The time has come for gamers of all platforms to play the same game online regardless of the system they use (except for 360 and iPhone, for now).  At CES, Dungeon Defenders was shown in real time with users from all platforms playing in the same game at the same time. 
If a tiny ass downloadable game can do this...I cannot wait for future Battlefield games so I can play with those upstanding Xbox Live users, with my keyboard and mouse.   Right now the requirements for mobile are pretty high-end as it's running the full Unreal 3.0 Engine, so I honestly don't know if the iPhone can use it...and I also don't know why the 360 isn't doing it, as it is arguably stronger than the PS3.
Check it out, it's pretty good.  I really hope more developers start to use this.    
EDIT:  For people who don't know, Dungeon Defenders is a Diablo style game mixed with Tower Defense.  It has a lot of loot, and I mean a lot of loot.
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I'd think the 360 isn't doing it cause of MS, and that's about it. Not that it can't, just that they won't let you. 
I'm really looking forward to this game, when's it coming out?
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No, please don't expand on it and make me play battlefield against consoles. Otherwise, I think it could work with this kind of  game.

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You had me at "Diablo-style" and subsequently lost me at "Tower Defense."

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