Free Copy of Dungeon Defenders

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I just noticed that I still had this sitting in my Steam account. Fuck that game.

If you want it, post your favorite Public Enemy song. I will choose in 30 minutes based on who picks the one that I like the most. If I choose a song that is posted more than once I will further sort by combined total of wiki points and post count.

Seriously, fuck that game. Here's a song to get you started.

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I'll bite. So here's my entry:

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@xobballox said:

This, because it has the word "game" in it.

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I think this is the same method they use to elect the pope.

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I dont listen to a lot of Public Enemy but I do like this, there most populer song. Though id prefer a copy of Dungeon Defenders, it looks like a lot of fun and hopefully something I could convince a friend or two to co-op with me.

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I guess I'll throw out a guess.

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@HarlequinRiot said:

I think this is the same method they use to elect the pope.

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@mfpantst: A classic, but it doesn't have the bite of some of there other stuff. I do love how the...sound... in the background is the reverse of "Terminator X To The Edge of Panic"


@Hunkulese: Na son, that ain't what I come to Chuck D Flava and S1W for.

@HarlequinRiot said:

I think this is the same method they use to elect the pope.

I would like to officially announce my conversion to Catholicism.

@DEMONOLOGY_24: A bit repetitive, but I'm on board.

@SilverShadow: hehe, beat is for Sunny Bono, BEAT IS FOR YOKO ONO!

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  It's unlikely that a remix is your favorite, but oh well, i think it counts. I don't know. At least listen to this, it's amazing.
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@Wampa1: Definitely a quality track. Refer to my previous comments about Rebel Without a Pause.

@MikeGosot: Not bad. Not really my thing, but I can bounce that back to Coney. It is not, however, admissible.

And da motherfuckin' winner is...

I'm tempted to go be boring and pick Bring the Noise, but the video for Can't Truss It is 7 types of silly in a way that I can appreciate.

@DEMONOLOGY_24: my steam name is umu...or nintendoeats, I can never remember which is the one I need to give you. Bah, anyway, friend me so I can send game. GAME.

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You will be hearing from my lawyer soon sir. You said you would choose in 30 minutes, but you chose in 20! I bid you good day!

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@SSully: On the contrary, I used the little timer under my post to ensure that I did not undercut my deadline.

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oh my god i've never won anything before. I would like to thank my mother and father and nintendoeats for giving me this reward

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@nintendoeats: Fun fact, i don't like Dungeon Defenders. I just wanted to post that video.
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@MikeGosot said:

@nintendoeats: Fun fact, i don't like Dungeon Defenders. I just wanted to post that video.

Seriously, fuck that game.

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