Solo play?

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I played the demo.

From the demo and the quicklook, it seems this game is made for co-op play, wich is fine.

I'm more of a solo player, though. Is the game playable solo? In the demo, it seemed like it would be pretty hard for a solo player to be able to manage everything. I'm going to try Orc must die, also, but I prefer the style of Dungeon Defenders, and I envoy game with loot. I can enjoy co-op centric game even if I play solo (I loved Boderlands) but the issue here is more about the difficulty.

I don't mean to bash the game or anything, it seems pretty cool. I just don't enjoy multiplayer. Does someone plays the game solo here? Is it still fun?


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I've tried out the solo game a bit, though I mainly play with someone else. There's not as much difference between the two as you might think, difficulty-wise. You're main limitation is the amount of building points you get in a level, which you share when playing multiplater.

Also I'd recommend the Squire if you're unsure about the difficulty. He's more than capable of solo'ing all the content I've run into so far. Good luck! :)

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After going through all the main levels with 1 other friend and having some pretty solid fun, it seems like my interest tappered off. Doing levels by yourself is slow, very slow. Having to run around the entire map every single wave just to collect your resource and THEN run around the entire map again to deduce where best to spend it is annoying, one of the many things this game does awkwardly. Best solution is find more/new friends to play with as my many attempts to just grind out money by myself is even more painful than my memory of my time with WoW... atleast with WoW the game was so polished and streamlined you could zone out for most a day if you had the time and grind stuff to some music, this game requires at least more surface level thinking that you can't just zone out but it's way too boring to be engaging for an entire match solo.

Game needs a sprint, auto resource add after waves, and for the loot you pick up to have a visual impact on your character... third person game with loot doesn't show loot? It's 2011 people... I don't care that you think it's cute the squire has no pants on, show me the cool chest armor that I picked up please or what's the point of the loot even having different models anyways?

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I don't see what the calender year has anything to do with a design decision. But anyways, if you solo you'll probably be speccing your char more towards towers. So if you are more intersted in getting in the thick of it you might just have to man up and engage in social interactions.

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@Fear_the_Booboo: Seems like the difficulty scales with number of players, so its definitely possible to play solo, though a bit boring if you ask me :P
The main issue is that the number of attack locations doesn't change, so you have to run around a lot more, but that's fine as long as you change tactics a little bit. The plus side is that you get all the mana and chests to yourself instead of sharing.
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You level up so if you can't solo a level eventually you will. And as someone else said, spec towers.

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Cool. Thanks.

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Also, as somebody who has played Huntress mostly since the start, they aren't necessarily the best solo class. You're probably best off with Apprentice or Squire for solo play, since they can actually block paths off and stall enemies. Huntress relies on gas traps to block people (which poison-immune enemies can just ignore) and her best damage trap is fire-element as well.

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I honestly don't know how you could take out an Ogre or any of the bosses by yourself.

#10 Posted by Corvall (41 posts) -

Ogres and bosses are definitely beatable solo, it just takes careful placement of defenses (and a strong enough hero). I've played the first five levels solo with the Apprentice (including beating the first boss) as well as the first three levels with the Squire (including an ogre), and it's pretty fun. I'd like to play co-op, but none of my friends have the game. Hopefully I can convince someone else to pick it up, but I have a feeling that at this point everyone is waiting for the holiday blockbuster releases. This just isn't a good time of year for a small game release, no matter how good.

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@Fear_the_Booboo: I can't see why anyone would want to play this game alone. You certainly don't need active Dungeon Defenders buddies to play this game. Just create your character, pop into a random game (like you would in TF2), enjoy some tower defence action, grab some loot, and walk away. Not only does it make the game more enjoyable, but it fundamentally caters to Dungeon Defenders' replayability. The game is so replayable because you're constantly entering matches with different classes, different specializations, and different creative individuals who have their own strategies. Without that, you're simply loading into a different map and doing that same old thing you always do.

Then there's the matter of loot. What's the point of a loot-centric game if you have no one to show that insane-looking sword off to? Or that new awesome wyvern pet?

You don't even have to be social to play with other players (although, it can certainly help). Most players are taught over time how each class works, and how each tower works. And the only communication you need is the (by default) C button on the keyboard to direct their attention to emergencies.

If cooperative games really are unplayable to you, I would skip this game entirely. Later levels--with up to four crystals--are nigh impossible to manage by yourself. Even with all the mana, you still need 4 people watching 8-10 different paths, repairing and upgrading as the waves come. This isn't something that any normal human can multitask their way out of. I typically like to divvy up workloads to different players, like allocating a mage to watch the southern 4 pathways, and even watching 4 paths by yourself can be incredibly overwhelming.

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@project343: You're probably right.

I've tried to complete the demo level alone yesterday and found it pretty dull toward the end.

I'm not really into multiplayer, except maybe for team fortress 2. I'll try a few games and see if I like it. I know it's weird, but I do enjoy loot-driven game even if they are solo. I don't care about showing off my loot, I just like randomized character progression.

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I've soloed a squire to level 62. Yes spec towers. as squire towers are good at both blocking lanes and dealing massive damage. once you get to the end of the game in hard mode you can set up your towers in glitterhelm and switch out to a new character for a couple of the middle waves for crazy fast leveling

In three waves i took a brand new level 1 ranger to level 28. then she could equip a lot of the better stuff i was finding.. then i would switch back to my squire for the last 2 waves as they were much more difficult. I have spent a great deal of time with this game, and find solo play to really be the way to go once you get a squire to a semi decent level. I don't like competing with other people for kills and the more people in the match the more health everything has.

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@Fear_the_Booboo: I picked up Dungeon Defenders and Orcs Must Die in the last couple days, and so far I prefer Dungeon Defenders. I've been playing solo, and it's fine. You'll probably have to put the difficulty down to easy your first time through each map, and you'll definitely be spending a lot of time grinding xp, but it's fine. Probably more fun with others, but I generally prefer to play solo, rather than with strangers.

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