What's holding this game back?

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I've been following this game for what feels like an eternity and i still can't believe how many times it's been delayed! I was browsing Steam this morning only to see that this games been pushed back to Q3 with no other details as far as i've seen. Dungeon Defenders has already been well reviewed by multiple magazines with hardly anything but praise for the game and yet it can't get a solid release date? What do you guys think? Maybe Microsofts holding it back for arcade or maybe there was a last minutes disaster.

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Eh, its an arcade game so no, but nice try though.

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Last I read it was something to do with the summer of arcade having a 4 week exclusivity period (think its also why From Dust was delayed on PC) and them wanting to release simultaneously on all platforms.

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Oh, thats what you meant. Its being released as an XBLA game, but yeah its still an indie game i guess.

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Okay, that would make a ton of sense, i wish they had came right out and said that.

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Just been tweeted by the Developer that is being released for PC, XBLA and PSN on 10/19/2011 :D

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Dude that's awesome news! Hope this date's more solid!

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Price = 1200 MS Points / $14.99
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I've looked into this game a lot and from what I understand one of their publishers had to pull out a few months ago, when they got a new one they had to do certifications with Microsoft and Sony.  They won't put the PC version out before the console versions because they are so worried about piracy.  It's been done for quite a while, and they are working on DLC, some of which might be included with the full game, some of which will not (but should be (dammit)).

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Just found out about this game because of the Steam pre-order sale on its front page. It looks cool! I wonder what it would be like to play on my Android.

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