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A beat 'em up mmo 1

A beat 'em up mmo.  That really says it all.  If you don't like brawlers, then there's no point in going any further.  This is a straight up brawler, streets of rage style.  And it's a good one too.  Leaving everything else aside, it is fun to wander around and beat up stuff.  The mmo trappings are just gravy as far as I'm concerned.   The basic beat 'em up controls are there.  Movement is 2d with a psuedo z-plane, there's a punch button, a jump button, and a special attack.  Double tap left or ...

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Somewhat Modern Sidescrolling Beat 'em Up 0

Dungeon Fighter Online is an online version of those games you used to play in the arcade where you'd go around and punch things. This game has stepped up from that in design quite a bit, but it keeps the heritage of the earlier games and delivers similar gameplay. With the release of DFO on Steam, I thought now was a good time to share my experience with the game.You pick one of several different classes, which get differentiated even more around level 18. For myself, I started out as a mage, b...

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2D Brawler meets MMO 0

Take the gameplay of a classic 2D brawler and add the persistence of an MMO and you have Dungeon Fighter.  It sounds great, but the execution isn't quite all there.  However, it can still be some decent entertainment.  The game is essentially divided into two parts. First is a  town area where you pick up quests, talk to other people, buy skills and equipment, and group up.  Then there are instanced dungeons which play like stages from any 2D brawler.  You simply go to a cluster of dungeons, sel...

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