Anyone play this?

#1 Posted by Bucketdeth (8013 posts) -

I have had a itch for a game similar to Champions of Norrath but haven't really ever found the same feel (Sacred 2 was pretty bad).
As I already own Torchlight on PC I was looking for something on consoles, is this game worth the purchase?

#2 Posted by Nevski (24 posts) -

Wanting to know the same thing, there is a sequel that is free on the app store might be worth checking out

#3 Posted by Mezmeranto (12 posts) -

I just played it on PS3, and i think it was pretty good. Not as good story as baldurs gate for ps2 but the combat and characters are good.

Some cool abilities and some tough bosses, the campaign took me and my girlfriend about 14 hours to complete and there is atleast another difficulty.

I recommend it, especially for some couch co-op.

#4 Posted by Salesmunn (75 posts) -

Played it on PS3, not great but good. It's very repetitive and definitely feels like an upscaled tablet title. Might be okay for a handheld title but can't hold a candle to games like the Champions titles, Baldur's Gate, Sacred 2 and such.

I believe there's a demo on PSN or DL it on your phone and try it out first. Not worth more that $10-$15.

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