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Dungeon Keeper wasted my youth.

Well it all started in the cold winter of 1998 when I was looking for another Red Cat game to spend my indoor time with.
I went through rain and wind to check out the local toy-store if they had some intresting stuff.
Well I saw the Red Cat color game and I just had to buy it. So I bought the game and went home to play it.
I opende the game box without looking at the disc and just entered it in the computer.
When the game started there was a wicked little movie about a knight entering a castle when he got killed by a bull with a scythe. It turned out to be the girl at the toy-store who switched the discs. (back then such mistakes where forgiveable!)
I went back to the shop to get the right cover. Couse when I started, I just couldnt stop playing.
You start in a small dungeon with only a heart and 4 little imps who are eager to work their guts out for you!
I really enjoyed making the rooms and digging out gold.
My opinion is that its' 1 of the best  games ever made. The tactic you have to use can be different in every level and sometimes you have to change plans to make it.
I finished the game like 8 times and still didnt got bored.  The evil twist you probably notice during the game is really great and gives you the feeling your really part of something big.  Evil is surely good. almost in the half of the game there is level wich is really difficult couse there are 4 ways wich the heroes can enter your dungeon, And It's really hard to survive every wave of enemy's. Well I'm out of time now.
I recommend every one to play this game. It's really worth it.

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