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Dungeon Magic (JP/EU: Light Bringer) is a fantasy action game similar to other genre titles like Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara, Dungeons and Dragons: Tower of Doom or The King of Dragons. The plot involves an evil wizard who kidnapped a beautiful princess. The game starts in a tavern where each player can choose one of four characters, each belonging to a different class. The characters are controlled with two buttons - one responsible for attacking, the other jumping; pushing both of them at once results in a character-specific special attack (e.g. blade fury or multiple fireballs), which does not use players' energy, but is instead fueled by special rare orbs.

There are also RPG elements present in the game. Characters can be equipped with various weapons (swords, crossbows, staffs etc.) and shields. They also level up and gain experience. The action is presented in an isometric view. Players are also given a certain degree of choice when it comes to moving between location as there are often a few ways to exit the map.

Dungeon Magic was one of the many games included on the 2006 Taito Legends 2 compilation (which in turn was derived from the Japan-exclusive 2005 compilation Taito Memories Joukan). Prior to that, Dungeon Magic had been exclusive to the Arcade with zero home versions.

Playable Characters


Ash the Human Knight
  • Age: 21
  • Class: Knight
  • Race: Human

Ash is the standard hero archetype. The son of the Royal Guards, his father vanishes one day and spurs Ash to pursue any hints as to where he might have gone. He has high defense but this is balanced by a low attack speed. He's considered a difficult character to master due to the vulnerability left by his special attack, though his combos have some of the highest damage output.


Cisty the Elf Archer
  • Age: ?
  • Class: Archer
  • Race: Elf

Cisty is forced to fight against the forces of evil threatening the kingdom when they wipe out her village of forest elves. She is primarily a long-range fighter, and is vulnerable in melee range. She has high damage output, but needs to constantly move to stay out of enemy range.


Gren the Human Fighter
  • Age: 29
  • Class: Fighter
  • Race: Human

Gren is a wandering martial artist who joins the fight against evil with his fists (covered in powerful combat gloves). Unlike Ash, his attacks are very quick, though they lack range. He is considered the easiest character for new players to use.


Void the Human Wizard
  • Age: 88
  • Class: Wizard
  • Race: Human

An elderly mage who is looking for his former apprentice, who is rumored to be part of the evil forces. Despite his age, his magical power is incredible and can devastate entire screens full of enemies. The downside is that he is very vulnerable to physical attacks.


Giant snake.

King Viper.

Queen Spider.

Lesser Demon.


Dark Knight.


The battle has ended. The heroes defeated the Demon (the big guy standing next to Venom in the picture above) and brought light to this world. The people called them Lightbringers.

As well as the common conclusion of the storyline each character has their own ending.


I will never use magic again so that there should never be someone like Venom again. Vold stopped teaching magic as one of his disciples sold his soul to the evil.

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