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Dungeon Siege 3 was developed by Obsidian Entertainment. This was the first time Gas Powered Games was not developing Dungeon Siege, however Chris Taylor kept a close eye on the project.


Cyclops have rights too

The 10th Legion is falling apart. The 10th Legion, once powerful protectors of the Kingdom of Ehb, have all but been wiped out by Jeyne Kassynder and her army. Thirty years prior, the monarch of Ehb was assassinated. Jeyne Kassynder blamed the 10th Legion for his demise and went to war with the legionnaires. With the Azunite church behind her, she defeated the 10th Legion and has spent the years since eradicating every last cell of legionnaires in hiding. There were some survivors, however. Descendants of the Legion with legion blood were scattered around the country. The last legionnaire, Odo, has been watching over them.

A gathering has been called by Odo, requesting the Legion descendants to travel to Rukkenvahl. It is here that the game starts. Odo believes it is time to rebuild the 10th Legion and take back the kingdom they once protected before Jeyne Kassynder took it from them.


AoE attacks also make prettier Screenshots.

At first glance Dungeon Siege 3 should appear pretty familiar to anyone with passing knowledge of overhead action games, but Obsidian has made three major changes. First, there are no potions in the game. Healing is done through a combination of spells and instant health pickups that drop from enemies or reaching a save point. The second change plays into the lack of instant healing through a potion and that is a dodge mechanism. The addition of the dodge puts more emphasis on strategic battles and in preventing damage rather than healing it. The third change is in how abilities are handled. Each character has nine abilities; three defensive and six offensive. The offensive abilities are grouped as sets of three in two separate groups labelled as stances.

The stances offer two differing playstyles, for instance one stance is for ranged fighting and the other is for melee. These abilities evolve as you level up and assign points to them, becoming more powerful as well as gaining secondary effects. Stances can be freely switched with a button press allowing for a quick response to new threats. The stance changes make for a quick feel of combat.

As the first Dungeon Siege game designed for consoles there are some changes to the general gameplay as well. Movement is handled freely through the left analog stick while camera control is handled by the right stick. Your main attack and three current offensive special attacks are mapped to the face buttons while other functions like changing stances and activating your defensive abilites are handled by the shoulder buttons. Blocking is done automatically when the defend button is held and dodging is performed by moving the character while holding the defend button.

Many tropes of the dungeon crawling genre are still retained in the game. Treasure chests and breakable objects are plentiful and contain gold, health orbs, and loot. As you fight off mobs they will drop random loot that may be used by your party. Even though you are only able to equip certain armor to your chosen character; all other loot can be equiped to your companions or sold off. Some loot you collect is instantly reflected as gold in your inventory. Such examples are gold/silver bars or candelabras. Stores are scattered throughout the world as well and offer a wide range of equipment for sale.

Playable Characters

Different from previous Dungeon Siege games, there are now four playable characters, each with their own pre-set abilities instead of a main character that you create at the beginning of the adventure. The four characters are:

Lucas Montbarron

Lucas Montbarron

Descended from Lady Montbarron, the protagonist of the original Dungeon Siege game, Lucas is the son of Hugh Montbarron, the Grand Master of the 10th Legion who thirty years ago who led the Legion during their failed fight against Jeyne Kassynder. Lucas' stances allow him to fight with a large two-handed sword or a one-handed sword with a shield.



Raised by those close to the Legion, Anjali is an Archon, a being that served the Gods that created the world. She has no memory of how she came to the world or how to get back to or communicate with her own kind. Her two stances allow her to switch between her human and archon form. As a human Anjali fights with a spear and staff, as an Archon she is the embodiment of fire and rains destruction upon her foes from afar.

Reinhart Manx

Reinhart Manx

Reinhard Manx is a mage with a reputation for his innovative techniques and thinking. Descended from a long line of mages alligned with the 10th Legion he grew up at the Stonebridge Collegium and has studied magic for the majority of his life. His stances are either a long-ranged use of Entropic magic that affects large areas with powerful life-extinguising attacks or a close-ranged use of Dynamic magic that he channels through an arcane guantlet and capacitor.



Lucas' half-sister, the illegitimate daughter of Hugh Montbarron, she was raised by her mother's people, the Lescanzi. Nomands and wanderers, the Lescanzi are a people skilled in warfare and magic, protection needed against the people that fear them and their ways. Katarina was raised in like and her stances makes full use of her magic and guns. At range she uses a combination of a rifle and magical curses, close up she uses a pair of shotguns and sorcery.


The co-op aspect of Dungeon Siege 3 will not allow you to bring your single player character into another person's game. When you join another persons game, you will choose which hero you want to play as. You will always be the same level as the host due to downed players still receiving XP. The host is limited to the same character for the entire campaign. It's not possible for multiple people to play the same character.

The client has complete control over their character as if they would be playing single player. The only noticeable change is that the host controls the dialogue selections. Clients are still able to make their dialogue preference known with a vote.

A client can freely manage their own equipment, abilities, and specializations. Inventory and money is shared with the host, allowing the client(s) to use the vendor and purchase items at will. There is no way to "bank" items or restrict certain items from being accidentally sold.


Treasures of the Sun DLC

The first downloadable package was available in October 2011 called Dungeon Siege III: Treasures of the Sun. In this extension you are able to travel beyond the borders of Ehb to an all-new environment: the Aranoi Desert. You have to travel here to find an artifact of great power: the greatest treasure of the Azunite faith. The expansion also allows players to level up to level 35 (was 30 in the original game) and to reallocate their proficient and skill points. Also revised is the enchanting system.

PC Requirements


  • OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista SP1, Windows 7
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 1.5 GB
  • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 3870 or NVIDIA 9800 GT
  • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 4 GB for full installation
  • Sound: No accelerated sound hardware required


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Core i5 750 2.67 GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4870 or NVIDIA GTX 260

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