Is Dungeon Siege III (and the other two, I guess) worth $7.50?

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Dungeon Siege complete pack is $7.50 right now. While I like me some Obsidian (or, at least like me some Obsidian as far as their inadequacies in terms of resources can allow), but have not heard much in the way of positivity for this game. Thus, I give it to you people to give me compelling arguments one way or another for me to experience or not experience this title (and the other two Dungeon Siege games, I guess) and save/waste me money.

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I played through last summer with my brother and while we enjoyed it, I can't really say why. I'll try to write up what I can.

The combat has neat ideas, but often becomes very overwhelming. This becomes way worse when you play coop, since the camera is locked. In regular battles it focuses on player 1, but in bigger fights it stays focused on bosses and such. Some of the later battles gave me a headache, even in singleplayer, since I couldn't see my character a lot of times. Nice spell effects though!

The writing is not as good as it usually is, though you get make a few interesting choices throughout the story. The dialogue is rather stiff and dull and the mostly uninspired voice acting doesn't help. You'll hear Liam O'Brien sounding like he's talking in his sleep a lot. Like other Obsidian titles, your choices will be summed up in the ending, which is always nice.

One thing that sets it apart from their other games is that it's actually rather stable. There are minor bugs here and there, like characters vanishing in cutscenes and suddenly standing with their back turned to you. The 360 version froze on me once, but otherwise it was smooth sailing and the PC version seems well optimised.

I hope this all helps. :) Short version: okay game, but uninspired. Worth 7,50 if you're curious.

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Can't speak for the others but 3 was a ton of fun and worth $8 easy

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DS3 is about 7 hours long with a single character but the combat is quite satisfying.

DS1+2 are pretty good but both are a bit of a grind mid game.

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I would say it's an allright waste of money, if you know what i mean in both a good and bad sense. You got time to kill and looking for a competent but short rpg/diabloish romp, DS3 will hook you up. But eh don't look for substance there.

It's also kind of an outlier for Obsidian. The complexity is not really there, neither is their storytelling trump card. (altho if you think of DS3 as a diablo like game then story/dialogue is above par for that genre). On the other hand there is very little jank and bugs compared to their usual. Some PC issues with the controls from launch were fixed in later patches. Also i daresay my review gives it a fair rundown, with the exception of the now somewhat fixed controls like mentioned. It's a dungeon crawler lite at best and an rpg lite and kind of stuck in between a bit.

As far as other DS1,2 games go, I found them quite interesting because they are a bit different to the standard fare, in that if you set up your party properly in terms of gear/spells and AI behavior they can do almost the entire game on autopilot when ti comes to fights. But that's about the only memorable thing. Some people hated that feature, i kinda liked it.

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Exceedingly mediocre game in my opinion - dull gameplay, dull combat, dull story, dull graphics, dull dull dull.

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  1. was actually pretty great experience in co-op.
  2. is awful in every way.
  3. I haven't played yet,
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I cant speak for two but one was great fun back when it first came out, 3 however is just bad, none of the abilities feel good and the coop doesnt even save it

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I thought 3 was pretty fun for what it is. Certainly worth it at that price.

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At 7.50? If you like hack and slash dungeon crawlers that have an actual story it is definitely worth that price. The story isn't going to win any awards but at least it has more going for it than say Diablo 3.

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The first one was quite good at the time in my opinion. Very generic and uninteresting setting-wise but solid Action RPG mechanics, nice graphics and - at the time - one of the first 3D titles that removed all loading times which blew my mind back then. That being said I can't imagine that game aged particularly well honestly since many of its high points are technical in nature which won't play nowadays. Nothing you'd have to catch up on I'm afraid. The second installment seemed like more of the same only even more streamlined than the first with significantly more dialoge and exposition surrounding the yet again uninteresting plot. I only ever played the demo and was not compelled to check out more.

I bought DS3 when it got it's first discount to 20 € because of my undying love for almost everything Obsidian. The combat is an interesting mixture of 'hack & slash' and action elements that started to piss me off as soon as it got somewhat challenging. I suspect it may play much better with a gamepad which is not my thing. Story and characters are uncharacteristically mediocre for the developer, some interesting things but nothing that really drew me in. I burned out on it at about one third or possibly halfway through the game but didn't really hate myself for the purchase either.

I'd say you may want to check it out at the price and it's conceivable you'll find a few things to like but nowadays the series is sort of unneccessary. Maybe you'd consider checking out the demo?

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For that price? Sure. But the two sequels can't even get close to the first game. I played the hell out of it back in the days.

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That game really seems like an Obsidian downloadable game. The writing is at times clever, and there are a couple decent plot developments, but so much of it looks and feels like it was made on a shoestring budget. Even moreso than most obsidian games do. If that game came out for 15 bucks or the same price as Torchlight I would feel alright about it, but it came out for 60 fucking dollars and that's unreasonable.

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Ask yourself this: Did you enjoy Baldur's Gate - Dark Alliance? If yes then go for it.

Also I can't personally vouch for this because I haven't played the PC version, but I heard the mouse and keyboard controls are horrible. Plays damn fine with a pad though.

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Only played DS3, and although it was mediocre at best, at $7.50, with the addition of the first two games it seems worthy to me. Having a friend to co-op with would help a lot too.

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Not great RPGs, story felt like it was something out of Neverwinter Nights but definitely lot of playtime & the game played rather nicely on the first two, third I wasn't too thrilled with but any decent trilogy of games you can get for less than 10 isn't bad unless you hate RPGs.

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@Stete said:

Ask yourself this: Did you enjoy Baldur's Gate - Dark Alliance? If yes then go for it.

Also I can't personally vouch for this because I haven't played the PC version, but I heard the mouse and keyboard controls are horrible. Plays damn fine with a pad though.

Damnit, now I want another Dark Alliance.

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