Thoughts After First Play-Through

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This game is pretty fun. I didn't get the opportunity to play with a party, but I still enjoyed fighting solo as the Halfling Wizard. The combat is good and there's a decent amount of loot. 
I'm new to the D&D world, so I had to Google what I saw after the credits, but I won't spoil anything. 
There are a few minor issues with the game: 

  •  Sometimes enemies die standing up.
  • The noises NPC's make when they talk are annoying.
  • The story should be longer.
Is anyone else enjoying it? 
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Played for about 4 hours yesterday, and it sucked me right in w/some good challenging mob battles, and quite a bit of loot to find.   
The camera can get a little weird, the npc grunting is extremely dumb, and the dwarven models are bad.  
The game never froze, and not one enemy died standing.  Found one half stuck in geometry, but he could still be killed.  Nervous about the skill loss bug.  Auto saves don't save objective progress, only stats and loot, so manual saving is required.
Didn't play w/anyone else either, but I can't wait to do that w/some friends.  This is the first of three games pretty sure, so the story will continue I think TC.  
Overall, it is fun, but I haven't hit any big bugs/glitches yet and they are out there.  Patch in the works btw, according to Bedlam, I've read.
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I find it strange that this game is available on the consoles' download services, but only on a physical disc for PC, at the $15 pricepoint. If there was a download option, I'd have bought it.

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I finished the game yesterday, playing the Fighter, and then tooled around with the co-op with a bit, which was great, especially just to top off my exp and make the level cap. 
I started the game again with a Cleric last night and I'm looking forward to capping that character too. I hope they release another game with some different class/character options, new powers and a higher level cap, etc. 
Looking forward to playing online again tonight.

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If you're not experiencing any bugs I'd suggest not playing it co-op.  As soon as I hit the second chapter, the game started falling apart and I started losing skill points left and right. Once that started, all but one of my skills had completely vanished. 
I'm sure there might be a great game here, but until Bedlam can patch this, I have no desire to play it.

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I am almost to the point of not wanting to play the game because when you die in the middle of a quest it sends you back to the beginning again. Also, manual saving seems to do nothing as when you come back you're right at the start of the quest again. Is my download bugged or is this just how it is?

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I am about 5 hours in, where you have to stop the thing from breaching the main door which sucks because i can't stop it in time so i decided to try to join a game, every single game i joined they kicked me.

Note, if you create a PUBLIC fucking game don't kick people, it defeats the whole purpose of PUBLIC games, make that shit private if you don't want people joining because it waste peoples time, as for the game itself i only have 4 complaints, mostly minor.

1. the auto cut-scene shit that drags you out of the area your in forcing you to have to run back to pick up items (most of the time its only a few feet but it's fucking stupid)

2. There should be an option to highlight all items on the ground like most dungeon crawlers, minor complaint but it would of been nice)

3.Screen tearing, don't know how the PC version is but it's pretty bad on xbox.

4. Camera, the camera system sucks, needs more free look.

Everything else i pretty much enjoyed, the character customization and skills were lacking but it's a XBLA game, i don't expect to have COH type customization.

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@Hugh_Jazz: Just so you know, its on steam now! :D

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