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So because of losing my job for a good while and other things happening . I have not been able to really purchase games lately ( I have a long list that I want to complete) . Now that I am starting to get little settled into a new job , but still saving up for a game or 2. I downloaded DDO and ..well I find myself really enjoying it so far. I like the solo option on alot of things and a good groups when needed ( so far anyway). Just wondering If anyone here is still playing and what server and if not but have played ..what are your thoughts?

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Played the beta and some of the free-to-play version a while back, but never got far as I didn't really have the motivation to get into the social aspect of the game. I'd say this type of instanced dungeon crawling really needs parties rather than soloing, for the most part. I'd be interested in getting back into it, and have been thinking about that for a while. Just in case I end up starting the game up within some type of near future: which server are you on?

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I am on the Ghallanda server

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I'm on Cannith. I actually fell into the game the same way you did: I quit my job, and in transit to finding a new one, I didn't have a lot of money to buy new games. DDO has been incredibly satisfying so far, and frankly, it's everything I had wanted in an MMO. Yeah, the paywall can kind of suck some fun out of it until you learn more, but I find that I'm learning something new about the game everyday. I haven't even gotten into multi-classing or any of that crazy shit yet. Just been working on my Fighter and learning more about the game, as well as farming favor on servers to get more Turbine Points to buy at least an adventure pack or two. I now feel like this is a pretty severely underrated game.

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@Deathshroud: Hey man, I played DDO for a fair bit back when it went F2P.  Bought a lot of packs and character slots too.. It was fun, and the community I was in was pretty enjoyable.  They eventually added in "epic" dungeons that were a more challenging than the regular versions, but a little bit of strategy in the party and they aren't so tough.   A few of my friends and I were able to epic-ize some of our characters with daily runs of epic dungeons.
I quit playing the game though, after about a year or so...  It got pretty boring after a while.  Also, people tend to "use" you a lot if you're good at playing healer/buff types.  I guess that goes with most MMOs that use the holy trinity nowadays.
That said, I'll agree with @jakob187.  This game is severely underrated in terms of being an MMO.
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DDO is a great time waster, stopped playing a couple of months ago.  Bought the retail box of ddo on amazon (it's very cheap,$5  thereabouts), was able to add the cd key to my free account making it a vip account.It;s one time only though, got 500 hundred points free (if i remembered correctly) and had the entire game unlocked for that month. 
An easy way to earn turbine points when you just started playing is to make a character on every  server and earn 100 favor on each of them.There are bonus turbine points for the first character on any server to reach 100 favor. 
Was able to unlock most of the better adventure packs after my vip month. Really fun game.

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