Dredmor: Conquest of the wizard lands!

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So another expansion for Dungeons of Dredmor has arrived, once again very cheap to. Anyone had fun trying it out? Personally I'm going for a more caster-type character this time around. The new pocket dimension seems interesting.

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The wizardry graffiti is also interesting (rainbow colored writing on walls), so far just started with this expansion & found one so far (below). The paranormal investigator class is rather odd but funny, where you can get crafting recipes from dead creatures occasionally, call a monster a hoax having it turn into another monster or an item but looks like you get the change so no extra xp if you downgrade the monster. Note on the wizard writing, you put that in the console of the pocket dimension which only shows up if you have that expansion otherwise the pocket dimension is only a place to heal & store loot but if you enter the code below it goes to a random place where you have to find the exit (that looks like the gray box with the blue square on it). In normal dungeons don't go on those blue square teleporters as they have always jumped me into a hell world where I die instantly just about, same goes for the portal at the top of the pocket dimension if you have this expansion (no idea how to get back there later).

wizardry writing (if I find enough of it, it might be better on another post in this game for others to trade): fogorseemagzuk

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