Has someone tried it?

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As far as I know, this game should be out now.  
Has anyone tried it, and is it any good?

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Totally asking the same question.
I'm really interested in some discourse here >,>

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Tried it & wouldn't mind seeing a quick look of it from some of the giant bombcrew when they've played it for a little while (not a cold QL). Wish it was dungeon keeper clone as those are sorely needed, this game looks like it could have been that but instead you are just dealing with waves of adventurers (after the intro level, these guys are level1 but takes a half dozen hits to get them out) coming in about every 30 seconds, as the monster timers you set are usually twice that often people will get the riches that are right near the dungeon entrance & leave. Meaning the monsters are out of the picture so you have to take on the adventurers (usually 1-2) or bounce to fighting a skeleteon gang of 4 who are closer to the heart of the dungeon & you have to protect.


Whoever decided to put the treasures so close to the exits is making the game not that challenging. You can destroy some fixtures but not the gold luring the adventurers in.


Have to say that after playing this, the first level after wandering around with ye olde goblin to get the basic feel of the controls, is horrible. Essentally it does nothing for helping learn the game as you just put out decorations until you can try to leave & make it through the higher level adventurers to the exit.


Edit: found a review video on gametrailers, pretty much sums up what my experience has been with it.




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