Anyone still playing?

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I was getting kind of bored, but still dropping into games every couple days. Last night I ended up on a team where people were actually talking to each other and you know, having tactics. It turned out to be a lot of fun. Any GB folks still playing this game and want to try and organize?

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I had tried playing for a while earlier this summer, but I just had difficulty trying to figure out what each part of the UI was for. I think it still has potential though.

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Unless they fix the horrible, horrible aiming I am not touching that game again. I want to love it so much but it's just not fun at all to control.

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I didn't like the menus, and got confused at the layout. Also I ended up getting very bored of the game...

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I did not care for the way that beta characters weren't wiped in any way, so as soon as I got out of the academy or whatever I was fighting against people that I just could not do ANYTHING against game after game after game because they had a bazillion points more than all of the new players so they had access to skills and items that were just horribly unbalanced. It's not fun.

"but lina time invested equals character power in game it is very true to the eve online experience you just dont get it"

oh shut up

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Yeah. I mostly just log in every couple days to spend SP that my character has accrued, play a few games to test out any fitting changes I've made, and then log back out and wait for more passive SP. I think I like the *idea* of the game more than the current execution. I was just kind of surprised at how much I enjoyed that one game with the teamwork and communication, so I thought I'd ask here if anybody else was still playing.

Most of the time, I get steamrolled by teams of vets, run out of ISK to pay for the fittings that I've created/unlocked, and end up scrubbing out the rest of the game as cannon fodder in the free newbie outfits. They improved the aiming in 1.2, but it's still kind of crap compared to just about every other shooter out there. I specced for shotguns to try and get around the aiming issues, but it's still kind of hard to hit guys with the erratic framerate. I think between the sub-par gunplay and the "new players = cannon fodder", the game has a way to go.

I really didn't mean to start this thread to criticize the game, but yeah. Issues. Who wants to play together? Haha.

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Barely. I really tried to stick with it, look on the bright side, and hope for the best, but man, the more I play, the more this game pisses me off. Personally, my biggest issue is the lack of racial symmetry at the moments. We have like maybe 15% of the total dropsuits, vehicles, and weapons that should be there.

There should be 4 racial options for each category, but there's at most 2 options for a category and those that don't have 2 options, only have 1. If this wasn't "tied" to the Eve universe, I wouldn't care, but since it is, it feels incredibly barebones. It doesn't help that "advanced" versions of specific gear look exactly the same at the base version except with a different color scheme. All hell, somethings, like the swarm launcher, don't even get that. Every version from the T1-T5 are literally the same model.

The dumbest part of it all is CCP said no more respecs which just completely baffles my mind. It doesn't help any time you try to raise the issue on the forums, it turns into a cicrlejerk fest consisting of nothing but "CCP said no more respecs deal with" or "kid, this isn't CoD. this is a serious hardcore shooter and you need to live with your choices."

It just angers me so much because the game still feels like a super early beta, but it's being treated by CCP as if it's ready for prime time. It's really not. The aiming is still shit. The maps are boring as hell. The balance is all over the place. The racial symmetry present in Eve is simply a joke a Dust.

It's just all kinda rotten.

For a while, I was this game's biggest fan and I truly expected it to be great, but man, I don't even know anymore. For how long this game was supposedly in development, it's got frighteningly little to show for it.

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I haven't logged in, in I think just over two weeks now. And I most likely wont until some more things are fixed. Only one thing from this last patch was actually fixed, and that was the nano revival. Aim is still busted (mostly hit detection). Suit armor ratings are still busted (heavy with 650/650 being killed by one long range sniper shot). Death taxis are still too over powered against heavies, no damage done to vehicle after ramming a few of them. I could go on, but wont. Its pointless.

I spent a bunch money on this game like a fool, and then grew tired of it. I guess some of that also had to do with my schedule changing, and not being able to play with the GB guys I was playing with. After that happened I was always getting stuck on bad teams and just getting destroyed by old beta players. And it lost its fun factor really, really fast.

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@strangecargo: I am close to maxing my turret skills. I am guaranteed to have fun in turrets, so I do that, and snipe from the dropship. :3

Really makes me want to hurry up and train Starbase Defense on my EVE alt...

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@brackynews: How does turrets even work? I haven't had any exposure to the vehicle/turret parts of the game. I think one thing this game is really lacking is some kind of "these are the different parts of the game" tutorial. I saw some guys rolling around in a tank the other night and was genuinely surprised; I had no idea that was even a thing.

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@strangecargo: Personally, my time's been tied-up in other stuff so I haven't had too much time to play. The corp has a couple people on whenever I do log in, so there's a small amount of activity there. Personally, I don't have any huge complaints about the game -- I just find myself preferring to use my free-time to play EVE or whatever random game I'm playing though at the time.

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@strangecargo: It's much like you'd expect from any space marine game. Walk up to a functioning turret, Use it to jump in. Point and shoot at stuff until someone with heavy artillery notices. Rinse, repeat. Sometimes I can make it to three turrets before a match ends.

If this is your first FPS of this kind, I can see how the options might be a little unexpected, but if you have played Halo multiplayer in any form, I'd be surprised if anything catches you by surprise. It's like that. At least for now.

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I'd play more often but I've gotten a tad addicted to Final Fantasy games, cleaning up some trophies on 13-2 while playing X and VII.

Whenever I do log in though I never see to Corp mates on though =(

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@brackynews: I've played around with turrets in the game, but it's not immediately obvious to me what the turret skills do. They seem to say that you need the skills to use turrets, but I have yet to find a turret (stationary or on a vehicle) that I was unable to use with my untrained character. The damage bonuses for skilling up seem pretty minor. So what's the point of training turrets?

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@strangecargo: Oh oh, I see what you mean now. And I might have been confused myself too.

Best as I can tell, Turret Skills only apply to vehicles. Seeing as most people are happy to burn their isk rolling around on vehicles and crashing them in to things, they usually need a good gunner. Maybe they aren't spending money on turrets where training matters?

Stationary turrets vary widely between maps, some are in excellent spots, some are worthless unless the enemy pushes to your flank. I don't believe training applies to them at all (I probably did before), but it may simply be a percentage that's hard to notice.

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@strangecargo Yeah, the skills don't affect which turrets you can use. They give a bonus to damage and the like [usually 2% per skill level]. Similar to EVE, these gains aren't very noticeable until you've stacked them up a bit and go up against someone who's not as specialized as you. You won't murder them, but you'll more than likely come out on tip with a bit more armor to spare if all other factors are equal. In CCP's games, every little bit counts.

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