Are we gonna form a merc group?

#1 Posted by Shakezula84 (526 posts) -

Simple question. Is their enough people on here who will play Dust 514 enough to form a clan (I forget what they will be called)? Of course assuming it'll be any good.

#2 Posted by MrSlapHappy (218 posts) -

my bet will be that they will be called Corporations or something similar since that is what guilds/clans are called in EVE: Online.

I am definitely interested in trying this game and if its anything like the standard game, it will be one best played with a group of friends/ clanmates. I can't speak for how long I will play it since I haven't played an FPS on a console since Halo 2, but pencil me in for a maybe.

#3 Posted by Pazy (2693 posts) -

Dust 514 looks fantastic, id totally be up for a GB Corp. Though given the nature of EVE I think it would be helpful to have some EVE players to work with.

#4 Posted by mitsuko_souma (138 posts) -

GB is not a good place to look for FPS clanmates, due to the overwhelming amount of elitist PC gamers.

I too will definitely be playing this game, but will get familiar with the game first before even thinking about clans.

#5 Posted by MrSlapHappy (218 posts) -


Good point. I used to play so I might be able to hook up with some guys I know that still play Eve. We might have a chance to link up with an Eve group that way.

#6 Posted by MeierTheRed (5040 posts) -

I almost bought the PSN pack today. I have no idea if this is a game i would be playing for months and months or maybe just a few weeks. But the price point to find out, is so small that i almost have to take the chance on it.

#7 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -

Giant Bomb Planetary Industries (GBPI).

#8 Posted by Greenshoes (322 posts) -

Giant Bomb Friendly Solutions (GBFS)

#9 Posted by whitehalo117 (4 posts) -

Corps (Clans) as there called in this game will work similarly to the ones in EvE from what I've seen so far in the beta. Atm though its hard to play for a long time without getting frustrated it is very evident that its a beta. There is alot of screen tearing, server lag, hit detection issues, fps issues, and balance problems. However if you get in a good game without lag, ect. (the hit detection is going to effect every match) this game is amazing and you will get a chance to see that if they iron these issues out it'll be a AAA title. As of right now I don't think its worth buying a PS3 for just the beta however I would apply for a beta account and keep up on the game through the forums, I'm 100% sure it will be in the future once they get the hit detection fixed. "It's honestly worse then the server lag and screen tearing combined".......But overall its shaping up to be a great game.

#10 Posted by VisariLoyalist (3093 posts) -

I play eve, I might play dust 514, doesn't impress me too much so far though as a shooter. :/

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