Beta Impressions?

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Before I begin, IGN is giving away free beta codes for the weekend testing here. It's on their "prime" website but they have opened it up to the general public. I have been playing it for around 2 hours now and here is my thoughts.

The Good

  • The game play is very similar to that of cod or battlefield. But that's not really a bad thing to me.
  • I love the the way the game looks. The hud looks awesome and I really appreciate the whole "Space/future" feel to everything in the game.
  • The game is incredibly deep for something that F2P. As of right now the only things that cost real money are helmets and other cosmetic items.
  • Tons of people can play at once making the game even more fun.
  • Can be a team based game if you choose to play that way.

The Bad

  • Textures. Pop in like crazy and muddy looking textures.
  • You die very easily. While it seems like your enemies don't.
  • Very confusing at first. It may take awhile to get your barrings.

Overall I think the game is shaping up nicely. There is still enough time before release to fix the texture and health problems but as of right now, this game has met my expectations and I love it! Anymore questions? Feel free to ask below!

See You Online!
#2 Posted by MuttersomeTaxicab (800 posts) -

On it. Super interested to check this out.

#3 Posted by Forcen (2162 posts) -

I think they said somewhere that the textures are lower quality in the beta then they will be in the final release.

#4 Posted by mosespippy (4746 posts) -

I'm pretty sure the NDA is still active so they can kick out out of the beta for talking about it.

#5 Posted by zyn (2765 posts) -

I didn't like it.

#6 Posted by Shakezula84 (527 posts) -

All I'll say is you could be playing against people who have been playing the beta a lot and for weeks and it may seem like they have more health because they actually have better equipment. Every player will not be created equal in this game and if its anything like EVE then you can buy all sorts of things (with in game ISK) that even alter your skills.

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Does the beta cross over with EVE Online?

Apart from orbital bombardments and contracts are there any other interactions?

Can I bring my fleet?


#8 Posted by BestUsernameEver (5026 posts) -

What exactly is the appeal of this game, I didn't know EVE was widely liked other than the small, really loyal fans. Then again, I know nothing of the franchise.

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I bought the Merc park on PSN and have been playing for the last couple of weekends. Once you get over the initial hump of learning about the dropsuits, market and skill points it becomes quite good fun. It can be frustrating when you go against a experienced team and just get steam rollered. I'm looking for forward to seeing how it evolves.

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it was alright when it worked, i got into one match and couldn't re connect to the universe after that....plays like an older battlefield game with a nice seems really complex though with all the kills and equipment menus

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After downloading the game and trying to play it game told me an update needs to be downloaded. Alright I thought, and then I've noticed that update is 2.2GB, same as the game itself. WTF. No Dust514 for me today methinks. Good thing that Playstation Plus thing allows games to update themselves when I'm not at home.

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I pretty much lost all interest in this game as a whole when I found out that I have to purchase a set number of a specific weapon to use. Basically, the way that it works is you buy a bundle of guns to use in each match. So, you buy a bundle of twenty assault rifles. Each time you select that specific load out in a match that uses said assault rifle, one of those rifles is depleted once the match is done. So, each time you play a match, you use up one of those guns. I can't imagine that's a conscious design decision only done for the beta. That's a pretty strange decision to make for a game. I guess that's how they justify the free-to-play model?

#13 Posted by Marcsman (3430 posts) -

@zyn said:

I didn't like it.


#14 Posted by mtcantor (966 posts) -

This game is to first person shooters what EVE Online is to space combat.

Not for me, at all.

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