Corporate Espionage and Warfare Logistics

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For anyone that doesn't know, the (un?)official GB community corp is called Kite Co Couriers.

Tonight, we had quite a few people in the corp chat hanging out, playing and chatting. Since we're limited to six-person squads, and we found no way of having multiple squads in a match, the discussion prompted the idea of corporate warfare.

As it turns out, it's a quite expensive thing to launch, and would possibly require ISK donations from the interested parties. Because of the cost of initiating a battle, it would also mean that we'd *really* want to win, so that our money doesn't go to waste. It would also require a seemingly strict time commitment from people, as corp battles must allow at least a 24 hour notice.

I'm creating this thread to gauge potential interest in taking Kite Co Couriers to the next phase as ass-kicking. Would people be interested in such endeavors? If so, would anyone be interested in being crazy enough to try and act as a spy against our enemies? Is having a forum thread with all this info (in an easily accessible manner so that our enemies can trace it an discover spies) a dumb idea? Probably.

I'm not too sure what kind of EVE benefits could be had from doing so, but maybe someone from Kite Co Space Trucking could consult?

Anyways, are people interested?

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@thedigitalistic: EVE benefits aren't active yet, but a good overview is here (including the extra links):

In short, this feature is currently tied to one sector of space, and Kite Co Trucking would have to have (and defend) a Player Owned Starbase (POS) in this region to see any benefit. Plans are to roll this out to more systems over time, but that's the state right now. Huge commitment for relatively little gain.

That said, I'm certainly interested in something to fight for. What I'm NOT interested in is getting involved enough in this that we have to start worrying about security measures and spies in the giantbombing chat channel, etc. I'll lose interest when this starts getting serious and stops being fun.

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@thedigitalistic: Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this, duder.

As @burningstickman pointed out, there's zero real benefit right now to us tacking a district, except for having something to fight over - which may be fun in itself. Regardless, I'm up for it.

Spies and shit for the Giantbombing public channel is something that's already an issue for the EVE corp. It's all part of the game and is pretty fun for me. It's as simple as keeping chatter to the corp channel. We'll always have spies; it's a given.

While I'm here, PM me your in-game names so I know who I'm talking with. Keep the wins coming in, duders.

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