DUST 514 Countdown! #E3

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So, there is a countdown timer for DUST 514 on http://www.dust514.com/ , and it will end exactly as the Sony E3 press conference starts if my calculations are correct.
So what is this crazy name of a game and why haven't i heard of it before you may ask?
Remember that crazy space MMO called EVE Online made by CCP games? Well, they are working on a FPS for current get consoles that will be connected to Eve called DUST 514. So Eve players will interact with Dust players in some way and vice versa.
To get an idea you might want to watch this cool trailer that did not get uploaded to Giant Bomb for some reason:
So im guessing this will be a PS3 exclusive, because of the timing with the Sony press conference. And I don't think Microsoft will allow a game that has direct connectivity with an MMO and microtransactions on Xbox live. 
Anyone agree? And what do you think of the trailer?
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Saw the trailer on EVE: Fanfest, and it will be awesome for us in EVE to control you guys on the ground, MUAHAAH!!!... But seriously, it's an interesting concept, and I'm looking forward to see the results and ideas, and the probable possibility to hire ground forces to secure a sector or points of interest on the planets. (Hey Amarr, I'm looking at you!)

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So in about 1 hour hopefully someone else then me will create a thread in this forum. ._.

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Pretty sure this has already been announced to be on PS3 and 360. 
I'm really interested to see how this turns out.

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