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#151 Posted by Driadon (3030 posts) -

@mr_creeper: Is that your corp management alt that has become the new CEO of Couriers?

#152 Posted by Mr_Creeper (1224 posts) -
@driadon said:

@mr_creeper: Is that your corp management alt that has become the new CEO of Couriers?

Sure is. Using an EVE character that can easily train up the Crop skills without me doing anything is much easier.

#153 Edited by TheDigitalistic (73 posts) -

Whoever is Esmerela Blanca McSpanishName, know that I didn't abandon you in that last match.

They were clearly highly-leveled, but we were still seriously kicking their ass... when my connection dropped. Their MCC shields weren't even down yet and our 3 man squad already had like 2400 WP.

I'm hoping you guys won that fight, but if not, you can blame CenturyLink for forcibly removing me. :(

#154 Posted by Sterling (2706 posts) -

We did win. I was wondering what happened to you. But I am not EBMcSpansihName, lol.

I was having a bunch of lag issues earlier in the day, so I figured you quite due to something like that.

#155 Posted by TheDigitalistic (73 posts) -

I'm thinking we should probably get a list somewhere of everyone's names. I don't know about everyone else, but I can't seem to remember shit about who's who.

#156 Edited by Mr_Creeper (1224 posts) -

That's a good idea. I'll start a new thread so people can add their stuff in and then I'll compile them into the original post.

OR I'll finish reading the forums and realize that @rabidcentipede is already on top of it.

#157 Edited by TheDigitalistic (73 posts) -

Anyone else find it sorta hilarious that during peak hours on the weekend of their first post-launch event... that their servers are down?

I don't see many people killing any templars if there are no servers on which to play.

#158 Posted by Sterling (2706 posts) -

The server has been pretty unstable since last night. A few of us had some problems last night. I tried a couple times today and no luck either. I got two matches in early morning. But nothing I tried in the afternoon and evening has worked. Kinda lame.

#159 Posted by Sterling (2706 posts) -

So I finally got into some games. There are a few things I am starting to get very annoyed with.


First is people that bail from your team mid match. Really getting out of control. There should be a penalty for this. I played four matches tonight. It happend in all four. More than half team each time. One match we were rolling with 6 dudes against 16. Either because we are not stomping them, or we are getting stomped because most of the other players are from the beta. I understand the frustration, but really. You are just boning the rest of the team worse. I know others can join mid match, but those players usually bail to when they come into a game more than half way through and the team they joined is losing. And yeah, I know you don't get SP or ISK if you bail, but there should also be a penalty of some kind. Man the fuck up and finish the match. (not directing this at anyone in our corp., talking about playing solo in random matches)

Second is these bastards from the beta. I really wish CCP would have reset all beta characters (or maybe I should have decided to play then also so I could be almost unstoppable). It really pushes my buttons when a dude with a mid to high level assault rifles can cut through my 650 shield and 750 armor in less than one clip like its nothing. Or a high level shotgun in two shots. Are you fucking kidding me. And don't get me started on the sniper rifles that do over 2,000 damage in a single shot from half way across the map. And on the same note, my heavy machine gun (meta level 7 I think, level 4 tier) does hardly any damage to these guys. I can unload a hole clip in some of them and it wont even get half way through their armor. They kill me with two shot gun blasts while I am reloading, because the 450 bullets I just pumped into them didn't take out their 300 shield and 300 armor. What the fuck is going on with this game all the sudden?

Last is those players that just do nothing but run around in a LAV and try to run people over, fuck you. You should not be able to one shot kill me in a sentential heavy drop suit. It should damage me yes, but kill me instantly, no. It should also damage the fuck out of your LAV.

If I hadn't put real money into this game, I would walk away right now and never play it again.


#160 Edited by BurningStickMan (238 posts) -

@rabidcentipede said:
[three paragraphs of pure truth]

I feel ya, and it's a big reason why I'm pretty much just letting the game amass skill points until the next patch. If it doesn't fix matchmaking, will wait until the next patch.

I think those Beta bastards are by far the biggest problem the game has right now. I understand why CCP didn't reset them - they're basically your guaranteed player base so it makes no sense to piss them off. (even though that's how a beta is supposed to work). But when the game has so many restrictions gating new players (weekly cap, huge requirements for high tiers, slow passive generation), and then you place them against somewhere between 1/3 or 1/2 of the playerbase that essentially bypasses these restrictions, well, that's horseshit.

The DUST forums have even come to call it "pubstomping," and the vocal beta vets seem to think it's hilarious. "Harden the fuck up, noobs" etc. They, of course, never had to deal with a vastly stronger generation that will always maintain almost a year's head start over them. And it makes their stats look good.

I still believe the game is mostly balanced, regardless of gear, in a one on one fight. I'm not dying any more often than Battlefield, and still managing an expected amount of kills. Where it falls apart is against teams of these guys. Yes, they have experience. Yes, some of those Corps are on mikes and well coordinated. I absolutely agree a coordinated team should trump one that isn't even communicating. However, when you throw in vast gear advantages too, that's getting ridiculous.

So yeah, fix the matchmaking, you fix the droppers and the dudes who can only get kills in an LAV. Just about every post I've read talks about how fun the game was until they were dumped out of the Academy. I just hope CCP does this before it's too late. Also, some more of those hyped EVE integrations wouldn't hurt. DUST feels like it's still in Beta right now, but they had to make that cute 5/14 release date.

Finally, packed AV grenades have been the unwelcome surprise to many an LAV that tried to run me over. I recommend them heartily.

#161 Edited by TheDigitalistic (73 posts) -

@burningstickman said:

Finally, packed AV grenades have been the unwelcome surprise to many an LAV that tried to run me over. I recommend them heartily.

I'd also like to suggest that they should change the hitboxes on the LAV to make it easier to shoot the people inside. If I put a clip through the windshield, the driver should probably take some damage, not the vehicle.

I'd also like to add to your rant and say that the light armor is almost completely useless. It's faster than the medium by less than 1%, and dies if a stiff breeze hits it. It's supposed to be more agile, and it is, but not by enough to make it even remotely worthwhile to most people. Then there's the fact that if you spend lots of SP on it to unlock the "Scout" dropsuit, there is literally no difference. I looked at the data for each of them and the scout dropsuits are 100% identical to the basic light suits, making them nothing more than a massive waste of SP.

This game badly need a kind of try-before-you-buy system. Militia gear works well in that regard, but there's only a handful of items there. I didn't even know WTF a scrambler rifle was until I committed a bunch of SP to it.

#162 Posted by Sterling (2706 posts) -

One thing I will say though. Is I notice when rolling with duders from the corp, the things I am complaining about, are much less annoying. I tend to always squad up with the same group of 7 or 8 people (well its usually or 4 or 5 of us at at time, its always from the same group of 8) and we tend to not have such bad games. I think this is just from us playing with each other for a while now, and most of the time we wreck it. One match it was just me and Esmeralda Blanca and we two man'd an orbital (I think we were both pretty proud of that at the time). I always usually squad up with Esmeralda as we tend to always be on at the same time, very good squad leader. And when we have others with us, and we somewhat work as a group for most of the match. Our team usually does well, and the things I was complaining about are not such a problem. It is just those pub matches when you don't squad up with other decent people that just totally sucks.

#163 Posted by Mr_Creeper (1224 posts) -

Damn DDoS attacks...I wanted to play my Templar today!

I hear you guys on your issues with the game. Personally, I've not had too many problems with it. People drop and join, LAV's can be avoided and 'sploded, matches start up fine for me and I get a nice mix of opponents, and I'm one of those vets. With that in mind, there's still plenty to be improved upon and added to the game, and I'm confident CCP will work on it and get to it in time. I encourage all of you to stick with it - not for the sake of the corp or member count or any of that bullshit - but so that you can be around and see how this game continues to take shape and expand in the future.

Now, let's hope these servers come back online at some point today...

#164 Edited by Brackynews (4094 posts) -

If I was any good at this game, it is absolutely where I would use Spacemerica Jones.

But I'm just never going to play enough to justify sitting on that name. :)

Also I would just like to say, microphone etiquette on PSN continues to be a cavalcade of delight. Zero talking. Maximum nose blowing. The nose blowing scale is asymptotic.

#165 Posted by Sterling (2706 posts) -

Man, this must be one serious DDoS attack. Servers still down.

#166 Posted by Mr_Creeper (1224 posts) -

Also I would just like to say, microphone etiquette on PSN continues to be a cavalcade of delight. Zero talking. Maximum nose blowing. The nose blowing scale is asymptotic.

I'm rarely on mic in random groups because of this. Luckily enough, the squads of Kite Co. members that are on mic sound like they've got decent set-ups.

Man, this must be one serious DDoS attack. Servers still down.

DUDE. I can't play EVE or DUST...been on Star Trek Online all day.

#167 Edited by TheDigitalistic (73 posts) -
#168 Posted by Brackynews (4094 posts) -
#169 Posted by Mr_Creeper (1224 posts) -

We will be looking at ways to compensate players in both EVE and DUST for the outage and expect to announce what that compensation will be very soon.

Come oooon free SP...

This...this is perfect.

#170 Edited by TheDigitalistic (73 posts) -


24/8 with the militia shotgun.

Shotguns are so fucking good.

#171 Posted by aznxchunky (22 posts) -

I know i would love some more SP

#172 Posted by Mr_Creeper (1224 posts) -

@thedigitalistic: Killer job, duder.

The corp will be upgraded to hold 300 members tomorrow. This should be more than enough for now, so my alt will go back to training other random nonsense.

The Templar Event has been extended through Tuesday due to the downtime on Sunday, so get in on that while you still can. I'm on overtime at work all month, so my playtime's gonna be limited. I'll try to jump on and get some matches in when I can with you guys. Keep on truckin', dudes. o7

#173 Edited by TheDigitalistic (73 posts) -

I hope you guys like free skill points!

Article Link

Free 50,000 SP! That's like... a third of an armor upgrade!

#174 Posted by Sterling (2706 posts) -

I hope you guys like free skill points!

Article Link

Free 50,000 SP! That's like... a third of an armor upgrade!

BOOOO. I wanted a double SP weekend. I could have made more than that.

#175 Posted by TheDigitalistic (73 posts) -

Yeah, after thinking about it, with two days of downtime, that's really only 2 free hours of SP gain.

Whatever, any SP is good SP.

#176 Posted by Mr_Creeper (1224 posts) -

I hope you guys like free skill points!

Article Link

Free 50,000 SP! That's like... a third of an armor upgrade!

NOTE: That 50k is for EVE Online players only from what I've read. I've not seen an official statement from CCP on if this applies to DUST mercs as well.

#177 Edited by totendeer (15 posts) -

It seems that the task of getting reliable internet in the tiny Kingdom of Denmark is easier said that done. But I think I'll finally get a hold of some decent connection come next week and then, if the gods have mercy, I will finally be able to carry those sweet sweet bullet diliveries to the face of any who opose Kite Co. Couriers with all you duders!

#178 Edited by samcroft90 (99 posts) -

Went on today to find my application was rejected, real inviting.

#179 Edited by Mr_Creeper (1224 posts) -

@totendeer: Hope you can get that internet straightened out, duder!

@samcroft90 said:

Went on today to find my application was rejected, real inviting.

That's odd, man. I looked through our apps and approvals over the past couple of days and none were missed or rejected. I know there are A LOT of people who apply to the EVE Online corp, Space Trucking, and not the DUST 514 corp, Couriers, by mistake. At any rate, shoot another invite in and drop your character name here for me so I can get you in.

#180 Posted by ApexDefect (73 posts) -

Hey duders, I just applied to the Corp. I jumped off for a bit but will be back on in about 30mins if anyone wants to squad up.

#181 Edited by totendeer (15 posts) -

Finally got everything working, and applied to the corp a couple of hours ago!

#182 Posted by Mr_Creeper (1224 posts) -

All new apps have been approved daily. Sorry for being so busy this month, but work's really picked-up.


#183 Edited by awesomeusername (4219 posts) -

@mr_creeper: Are you guys still playing Dust? I played it for a bit when it came out but haven't touched it since because no one on my friends list plays it.

#184 Posted by Mr_Creeper (1224 posts) -

@mr_creeper: Are you guys still playing Dust? I played it for a bit when it came out but haven't touched it since because no one on my friends list plays it.

Seems things have really slowed down. I've been working overtime all month, so haven't had time myself, but when I do get on, there are only ever a couple people in corp chat. Feel free to shot over an app if you'd like a place to chill for now, but I suspect things will be slow until the next patch.

If you have any other questions, drop a comment or send me a PM.

#185 Edited by Sterling (2706 posts) -

I wasn't able to play for just over a week. I logged in last night, and my SP gained was not correct. I should be earning just over 600,000 a week passively due to the omega booster with x2. However I only had half that.

Do they penalize you for not logging in? Kinda pissed me off. I paid real money for that booster, and its not even doing what it is supposed to.

#186 Posted by Mr_Creeper (1224 posts) -

@rabidcentipede: No penalization that I know of. You should submit a ticket and get an answer to what the deal is so they can adjust your points or reimburse you your AUR.

#187 Posted by Sterling (2706 posts) -

This was their response, but this seems incorrect to me:

The base Passive SP Gain equals a roughly 17 SP accrual per minute (approx 1020 SP per hour / 24480 SP per day / 171360 SP per week). With a standard Passive Booster activated, this jumps to about 25 SP per minute (approx 1530 SP per hour / 36720 SP per day / 257040 SP per week). As you already pointed out, the Omega Booster doubles the base Passive SP Gain, which should then be around 34 SP per minute (approx 2040 SP per hour / 48960 SP per day / 342720 SP per week).

It seems incorrect because if you watch the counter it goes up 1 per second with the omega booster active. Unless this is worthless and not a real representation and is just for show.

#188 Edited by Mr_Creeper (1224 posts) -

@rabidcentipede: Pulled from the first DUST wiki that popped-up in Google: "By creating a character and activating passive skill point gain on it, this character will earn 24,000 SP per day, even when not logged in. Only one character per account can earn passive SP."

I'd error on the side of believing this number and the response over an estimation based on the watching the skill counter in-game, so the numbers they gave you would seem to be correct.

Also, quick note that the new update hit today.

#189 Edited by mjk1 (205 posts) -

Just received an email from CCP.

July 4-10Triple SP Event: All battles boost your SP gain by 3X
July 11-18Mordu's Challenge: Achieve combat goals to earn awesome in-game rewards
July 16-24Summer Sale: Take 50% off some of our most popular dropsuits and weapons
July 25-31DUST 514 Prime League: Signups begin for a world-changing tournament...
#190 Edited by Shiro2809 (61 posts) -

First time I got annoyed at the game in awhile, played a match earlier and got jack shit for it, no ISK or SP and I had 800+ WP. Pretty annoying, thankfully I only lost one dropsuit suit as I was revived if I got downed.

Also, working nanites <33

EDIT: Death Taxis are stupid and I hope CCP makes those vehicles not free.

#191 Posted by Devil240Z (3440 posts) -

So is the team still active?

#192 Posted by Sharpless (472 posts) -

I don't know if this is still active at all, but I just applied.

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