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Post them up people! I have seen more than a couple posts asking for this to be posted somewhere, so why not here.

Post your Dust 514 Name and the best time to normally catch you playing. You know, so we can squad up for them orbitals! (and to get used to playing together before we go and do some planetary conquesting.

GiantBomb NameDust 514 NameBest Playing time
RabidCentipedeVandrix ZallimdraWeekday Evenings after 7PM PST, Weekends
Thevamp25Vortex MuffinWeekdays @ midnight central time, 5pm central on weekends.
BurningStickManIndra GelanAfter 7PM EST weekdays
mjk1Kalex7Weekday after 10pm GMT, weekends after 5pm GMT
DriadonVikirr RomistradRandom times, GMT
TheDigitalisticKaelon DemitethAfternoons and evenings any day CST.
Mr_CreeperCas SurtrAfter 5pm, PST
AznxchunkyAznxchunkyAnytime after 6 PM est, 12pm and up on weekends
Thatguy060Hitoshi ShitoroAround 6 PM EST any day
kaedenoKaeden JintariAfternoons and evenings, GMT
Strife777Kalden TrimmarWednesdays and Thursdays, EST
syphon2399Targriff FestaulAfter 8pm CST most days
Shiro2809Mariya MartellAnytime between 4pm to 12pm EST
klandathuBest time is 3-6 PM PST
KrenorAntaeus SinantAfter 5 PM, PST
e30bmwDabgjartur KjartanssonWhenever, EST
strangecargoMieli Sydanweekdays after 8pm PST, or any time on the weekends
notdavidBasil DawsonWhenever
IamTericsDawod TericsWhenever
totendeer Orsus Totendeer mornings and evenings in the GMT+1 timezone
pat_boy2008 Patr1ck Burns late night or early morning EST
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Thevamp25, Vortex Muffin, weekdays at midnight central time, 5pm central on weekends.

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Indra Gelan. Best time... well, if I'm on it will be after 7PM EST weekdays.

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Kalex7, weekday after 10pm GMT, weekends after 5pm GMT

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Should I remove the Best Playing time part?

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@rabidcentipede: I don't think so. I'm just not going to be helpful setting a specific time right now. Currently trying to find the next game to focus on for a while, which apparently means playing ALL the MMOs.

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Vikirr Ramstrad, and I work shifts, so every week my availability to play changes. I'll at least say I'm in the Mountain time zone, if that helps.

Oops, I didn't type my characters name out correctly. It's Vikirr Romistrad

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Kaelon Demiteth. Available pretty much whenever. Afternoons and evenings any day CST.

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Main: Cas Surtr

I've of course have the founding alt, Creeper Saleos, and current CEO, Azrael Crowley, in the corp but I don't actually play on them. I'm on at random times throughout the day, but I'll typically play a match or two sometime after 5pm, PST. Most of my gaming time is spent in EVE Online building relations with our sister corp and playing Star Trek Online, now.

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Same name as my GB name Aznxchunky. Anytime after 6pm est, 12pm and up on weekends

#11 Posted by Thatguy060 (95 posts) -

Hitoshi Shitoro. on around 6 eastern time any day

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Kaeden Jintari. I usually play afternoons and evenings, GMT.

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Kalden Trimmar. No idea for the time. I usually work in the evening, eastern time. I'm free on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I don't really have a clear schedule.

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updated. still missing over 200 people :(

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Targriff Festaul, beginning medic. Usually available sometime after 8pm CST most days.

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Mariya Martell, I'm on just about whenever really but I'll go ahead and say anytime between 4pm to 12pm EST. I haven't been on much lately because I've gotten re-addicted to Dark Souls though..

I also have MLP Shiro (a heavy) and Dullahan Celty in the corp too, will be using Mariya and MLP Shiro more often than Celty though, most likely.

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@rabidcentipede: giantbomb name klandathu psn klandathu best time is 3-6 pacific

#18 Posted by Sterling (3493 posts) -

@klandathu: What is your dust characters name? or is it the same as your PSN?

#19 Posted by Krenor (473 posts) -

PSN: Antaeus, best time probably after 5pm PST, just bought a PS3 a couple of months ago and need new some friends in general if anyone wants to add me I'll be very thankful!.

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@krenor: What is your Dust 514 character name?

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#22 Posted by Sterling (3493 posts) -
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Dabgjartur Kjartansson

I'm on EST but I play kind of whenever. Not sure if I'll be playing much with Deus Ex being this week's Plus game, but I normally hop on for a game or two most nights.

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Mieli Sydan

I'm pretty casual. When I do play, weekdays after 8pm PST, or any time on the weekends. I'm kind of a night owl, so it's not uncommon for me to be playing at 2am.

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I'm Basil Dawson. I only played once or twice, but now that I'm getting into EVE I'll probably be getting back into Dust. You can catch me on weekdays, probably around the afternoon. Other people infest my house on weekends and evenings, so I rarely get the tv then.

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I'm Dawod Terics in EST. I don't have a set time really since I'm still getting into the game.

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Orsus Totendeer

I play at all random times of the day, but mostly mornings and evenings in the GMT+1 timezone.

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Patr1ck Burns

My Internet speeds suck during the day, so I mostly play either late night or early morning EST.

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@rabidcentipede: @mr_creeper: I finally landed a Gallente bunny in the same system as an EVE main. \o/ Maybe someday it won't be restricted to FW, but at least I can pretend by having an orbital Catalyst at the ready. lol (Also protip: EVE players like to stay the fuck out of Dust systems. Nice 'n quiet. ;D )

So I'll gladly move my Caldari into Couriers.

Telara Cirim, random times, CST.

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@brackynews: Awww, snap. I'll accept you app as soon as I can get on later tonight.

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