Paid gear packs

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Gear stats for the paid equipment packs on the PSN:

In summary, the real value here is being able to use heavy (Sentinel) and support (Logistics) armor without investing a million skill points each. Beyond that, most of the blueprint gear is lower tier (meta level 0-1 is considered "beginner")

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Any one gonna be picking these up? I'll probably get that $20 Mercenary Pack 2, but I'm interested in seeing what the higher tier packs' dropsuits look like.

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Got the merc pack 2. Supporting CCP and all that. Also nice to have blueprints of a gun and a dropsuit I'll definitely be using for a while. Used the AUR to get a 30-day passive boost (as everyone should - it's the #1 best use of AUR by far). Doesn't hurt that the suit looks pretty smart too. It's shiny!

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Yup, that passive boost will take you from 800,000 SP per month to 1.2 million. Good shit.

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