Some recent gameplay footage.

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If anybody was curious about the current state of the game, I thought I'd post some footage of a few games I played this week. At it's best, it's become a tactical game that's very satisfying in a way that I've never seen in a multiplayer shooter. At it's worst, you'll end up in some really boring, one-sided games.

A pretty good game-long firefight on Manus Peak. I start out with one of the newly-introduced Assault Combat Rifles (some video of the normal variant in the third video), but I spend most of the game with my favorite, the trusty space shotgun:

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Point defense (with the same shotgun fitting as above) in a city. I mostly avoid the Bravo objective once it's clear that we've lost it, because it's usually a bloodbath in there. I spend some time outside Bravo though, just trying to prevent enemies from leaving. I get some pretty good grenade and pistol kills in this game:

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Making the best of a game that my team starts losing pretty early on. They gave everybody some free Combat Rifles to encourage their use (they were introduced in a recent patch) and I made a cheap fitting to save ISK. This is one of my first games with this fitting, so you see me doing some weird stuff like hip-firing when I should be ADS and forgetting to reload because I'm experimenting/not quite used to the weapon yet:

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I still can't shake how malplaced this game is on the PS3.

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