Audio mix? Voices not coming through center channel?

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I've recently removed two of my speakers from my 5.1 setup since I got a new tv and moved my couch. I only have the three front speakers, R, L and center, plus the sub. With other games so far the voices seem to come from the center channel. But so far playing Dust I am having trouble hearing the voices as they seem to come from the front right and left speakers and not the center. I usually turn those down on my receiver and turn the center one up. This sounds the best for my room/setup.

Is this the normal audio mix for this game? This has been driving me nuts for some reason as only one of the Dolby settings on my receiver make it so I can hear the dialog clearly. But it muffles other noises.

The settings have the voice audio in the same slider with other sounds, I'm assuming its anything that isn't music. I cant just crank that up since the sound effects then become way too loud.

My speaker setup isn't ideal since I have a 5.1 receiver, but it does have a setting if you remove speakers, 2, 3, and 4 speaker mode. I tried the other audio settings on the 360 itself which didn't help.

I tested another game and a movie, the dialog does still come through the center. Some of the sound effects come from the center channel on Dust as well, i.e. the storm noises on the menu screen.

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