Awesome panel for an awesome game

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I am watching the Dust panel at PAX right now and it is awesome. They use the actual game to show concept art, early builds and other cool stuff instead of a boring PowerPoint presentation. It's almost over but they said there will be vods, so... catch it!

p.s. Brad has a little cameo

#2 Posted by AssInAss (3037 posts) -

Brad's gonna love the cameo.

Fidget's "STOP SKIPPING MY DIALOGUE!" had me in stitches.

#3 Posted by kortex (536 posts) -

@assinass: yeah, the fidget bit was pretty good

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Hunh. I'll be sure to catch it out when it's available for catching.

#5 Posted by MURDERSMASH (267 posts) -

Really enjoyed that panel. I don't think I've ever seen anyone integrate gameplay like that into the presentation. That was super cool!

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