Blackmoor Mountains - what am I missing? SPOILERS

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For the 117% club, help me.

I don't see any more treasures, I've done the Braid hourglass thing (middle yellow square), and I still have the red orb which is probably related to the Cliff note.

How do I do The Cliff quest? What am I missing to get 100%? I've done other areas 100%, this is the only place left.

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And what the hell is Foghorn Cafe?

Does that unlock another character? Where is it?!

EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out was at bottom yellow square, had to do with Fez. Really cool level!

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Foghorn Cafe is the name of the kitchen where you find one of the Dishwasher characters. It's not a helpful note.

The orb has an hourglass on it to match the one on the wall, that whole thing is a reference to Simon's Quest.

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