Purple Resonance Gem not working?

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Just started the game, and I'm really enjoying it so far, but I've come to a wall banger. Well, more specifically, a bunch of walls that won't open.

I got the purple resonance gem from the sanctuary almost immediately after I had access to it, and I keep running into purple crystal walls in the first few areas. But they don't open. They just glow purple for a couple seconds... then stop. I've tried more than a few button combinations, searched the help section, and even waited there for half a minute. I tried equipping the crystal resonance gem, but it's not possible. Am I missing something? Is there a move I need in conjunction with the crystal? Google is giving me no love.

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Apparently all those crystal doors were blue, not purple. And I can't delete whole threads. Sooo... this thread gets to remain as a testament to my impatience and inability to tell an indigo like color from a purplish-blue like color. Yay.

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Don't forget that the game has a colorblind mode for those doors, in case you run into more trouble.

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