Snow for Bopo *Spoilers... maybe?*

#1 Posted by theedangle (63 posts) -

So I am at the mountains and just went through the giant cut scene at the top, how do I get a container for the snow to bring back for Bopo? Have I just not made it that far yet? Any help appreciated.

#2 Posted by GunstarRed (5781 posts) -

Take it back to one of the teleporter/save things.

#3 Posted by theedangle (63 posts) -

@GunstarRed said:

Take it back to one of the teleporter/save things.

I don't even show snow in my inventory tho, I may just be missing something.

#4 Posted by GunstarRed (5781 posts) -

@theedangle: I'm not sure. I collected the snow, and as I was running towards one of those things some dialogue started up and I stored it there.

#5 Posted by inknail (159 posts) -

Once you get the cooler in your inventory you should automatically get it filled with snow back at the entrance save point to the cave under the snow that you're trying to clear.

#6 Posted by bs000 (3 posts) -

Find the cooler. Go anywhere there's snow to fill it. Bring it back to Bopo.

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