So apparently this is coming out on Steam in 4 days

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#2 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2602 posts) -

Welp? welp what?

#3 Posted by Andorski (5452 posts) -

Yup. The game is already on my wishlist, ready to be bought. Glad that this game is finally making it's way to PC.

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Oh yay it finally has a set date, and soo soon at that!

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I can see myself buying this in the near future.

#6 Posted by CrazyBagMan (872 posts) -

Thanks for posting this. I really wanted to buy it on XBox, but had just sold mine.

#7 Posted by Kidable (130 posts) -

This is a fantastic little game. I completely agreed with Brad that it was the best of the bunch in that Summer of Arcade last year. I envy y'all for experiencing it for the first time when it's released.

#8 Posted by tread311 (373 posts) -

I finally gave up on this coming to PC and bought it on Xbox a couple of months ago. Oh well.

#9 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2716 posts) -


I'll definitely be picking it up.

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#11 Posted by Beforet (2985 posts) -

Wouldn't mind seeing this in high res. Too bad my money's run dry these days.

#12 Posted by JCHenderson (136 posts) -

I never finished this game. I believe I got very close to the end but then there was just a difficulty spike I could not be bothered with. Really enjoyed it and always tell myself to go back but I never do.

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