*Spoilers* Sequel?

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Once again: *SPOILERS*

It took me awhile to find out about Dust: AET, bought it a little while ago, and beat it recently. So at the end, after Dust gets barbecued (I can honestly say that this was the saddest moment of any game for me, and I've played a ton of games) you see some mist colored like Dust, which flies off with Ahrah, which is then followed by Fidget, after which Ginger shouts Dust's name, all while Gray-Eyes is saying that good cannot be easily destroyed. All of these heavily imply that Dust may not be dead. Also, if I remember right, General Gaius acted as if he and Cassius were taking orders from somebody else. Anybody think that this is definitely setting up for a sequel? I'd sure buy it considering how much I loved this game.

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Yeah, it's totally setting up for a sequel. General Gaius was also taking orders from someone higher up; there was a King that was pushing all of this, but they had to cut that part of the story to get the game out the door in time.

Even if Dust doesn't return as a character, the world around him is developed and varied enough that other stories could come out of it for sure.

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I disagree on the sequel, I would like to see a prequel with cassies and somehow a subplot of shin the other side of dust. Playing as Cassius committing the genocide, playing as a bad guy seems more interesting to me . With the ending being the final fight with shin(forget the other side of dust) and the birth of dust.

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