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Super Meat Boy with a Broom 0

If there is one way to describe Dustforce is that it's basically super meat boy with a broom. It's a level based platformer that is focused on speed runs and score. You're graded on your runs by not only how fast you finished but on how much of the dirt and grime you cleaned up and how skillful you were in doing it. Luckily the gameplay is very fluid and really works well on the keyboard. While the controls take awhile to get used to you'll soon be jumping though levels like a knife through butt...

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Passing Judgment on... Dustforce 0

Hitbox Team have created what is sure-to-be a runaway success in Dustforce, given the right promotion, price-point or placement in a popular indie bundle. You play as, what is effectively a ninja caretaker (or janitor, for those of you hailing from the other side of the Atlantic). You run, flip and slide your way through the levels sweeping up leaves, dust and any other detritus left behind by the… well the game never tells you the name of the bad guys… So to counter the good guys’ Dustforce mon...

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A Platformer That Makes You Care 0

A game that I've been enjoying for the past week or so is Dustforce, which is made by the small-scale developer, Hitbox Team. On one hand, yes this is another platformer that has a unique art style and is made (not advertised) to be difficult to progress in and is probably just going to be looked at as Super Meat Boy byproduct or something. The game is based around ninja janitors that beat up the evil forces of dirt and grime and yeah you can just watch the trailer whateverHowever, in contrast t...

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Pushes you to your limits while maintaining aesthetic perfection 0

Dustforce! Is a game by Hitbox Team. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a trailer for Dustforce a few months ago. The art and music drew me in as well as the appearance of fluid gameplay.You're treated to a short cutscene set to a short, fun song, and then you're thrown straight into gameplay, able to start in the tutorial right away. The game is centered around making it through platforming stages and dusting as much dust as you can (done by swiping or running on top of). The tutorial is design...

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A Fighting Game Platformer? 0

I'll preface this review by saying this: I'm not great at this game, I haven't S+ ranked a gold level, or even started much of chapter 2, but I felt a review of this game needed to get out as fast as possible simply because this is an extremely unique game and creates a feeling that I rarely experience with a videogame. This game encapsulates the speed of Sonic with the fidelity of a fighting game to produce something truly magical.Dustforce allows the player to choose from 4 unique characters, ...

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A Platformer That Makes You Want to High Score 0

Quick Note: If you are looking for detailed inormation on what the game is, check out the Quick Look: DustforceDustforce is an amazingly fun game that ignites my burning desire for perfection. Not many games come around that actually capture my attention like Dustforce. You can play for 5 minutes or you can lose a couple hours without realizing it. Each map is only 30-90 seconds, but the fact that you keep wanting to restart it over and over again to get a perfect rank of S.S. will keep bringing...

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