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Dwarfs!? Digging holes and stuff.

What is Dwarfs!? ?

It's a game developed bought to us by the indie devs Power of 2 (cause they are in 2, get it?).

It puts you in control of a bunch of dwarfs that dig underground for ores, gold, money and all that good stuff and they also drink beer.

It's a top view game and you control everything with your mouse (with some keyboard shortcuts).

The most important game mechanics are digging your way to the treasures and to try and contain lava with water (this lava/water thing is getting way too used in the last couple of years). You have warriors that fight monsters and miners that dig automatically for gold (and they open up paths for lava, stupid miners).

The graphics aren't anything fancy and are pretty basic.

The sounds are good, has a pretty background music.

The game is free2play and is enjoyable when you have some free time. Give it a try.


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