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Dweevil look like long legged spiders and come in different elemental varieties, requiring a single invulnerable Pikmin type to take them down. Because they are tall and have small bodies, it is difficult to throw Pikmin on them during an attack. Dweevil are only found in Pikmin 2.

Dweevil Family


Anode Dweevil

Yellow in color, it is imbued with electrical powers which will discharge and kill all Pikmin but yellow.

Caustic Dweevil

Releases a poisonous fluid that will drown all but blue Pikmin. Can be attacked directly by Olimar or Louie.

Fiery Dweevil

As the fire elemental, the Fiery Dweevil will shoot flames to defend itself. It is the most commonly found member of the Dweevil family.

Munge Dweevil

Releases a poisonous gas when attacked that only white Pikmin and the captains can survive.

Volatile Dweevil

Perched in the ceiling, waiting for prey, the Volatile frequently carry bomb-rocks and will chase Pikmin or captains with ignited bombs. If the Dweevil is holding the bomb when it detonates, it will die.   

Titan Dweevil

Disguised as a pile of treasure, Titan is a giant Dweevil that serves as the last boss of Pikmin 2. It attacks with the treasures it was hidden under.    

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