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An Incredible Trip 0

Dyad is not your conventional game. It takes a lot of the best elements of games like Rez and Audiosurf, and makes them work in a way that I have not experienced in any other game like it. Especially coming from a development team of two people (with only one making the core gameplay). What makes Dyad work is that it is immersive enough to sit down for hours and play at a time, but also structured for quick pick up and play. Ultimately, this is a game about chasing leaderboard rankings. And what...

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Do not play if you have epilepsy! 0

There have been several games over the course of gaming history to mix flashy visuals in a shooter environment, and in that Dyad is no different. Also, not unlike trippy shooters that have come before, Dyad goes deeper by adding a progressive play style that is constantly expanding its core elements and offers new strategies and challenges with each level. So if that is your thing you can stop reading right here, for Dyad offers this and does very well on delivering that brain-melting spectacle ...

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Dyad Review - Remember to Blink 0

It’s not very often that I have to consciously make sure that I’m blinking when playing a video game. Yet that’s Dyad’s claim to fame. Its astounding visual effects combined with its strategic gameplay and surreal background beats meld together to create a completely immersive experience that is easy to pick up, but mind-meltingly hard to master. And that’s important, considering every trophy is hidden behind a stage-specific challenge.Dyad is, essentially, a very unconventional racing game. It ...

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Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out 0

Dyad provides a distinctly dualistic experience. The core mechanic of "hooking" matching pairs of "enemies" aside, Dyad periodically crosses the boundary between simple and incomprehensible. Crystalline and distorted. Beautiful and unsettling. Calming and nerve racking.When one explains the actual demands placed upon the player it could sound disappointingly simple to an interested party, especially after having seen the mind melting promotional videos for the game. The core ideas of; you contro...

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