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"Thy called?"

Dynaheir is a playable character in Baldur's Gate. She is an invoker from Rasheman, travelling the Sword Coast with Minsc as her bodyguard. She can be found through two opposing quests, both originating in Nashkel: Minsc requests your aid in rescuing her from gnolls, while Edwin, from the rival nation of Thay, wants to hire you to find her and kill her.

Dynaheir and Minsc form a linked character pair. You cannot dismiss one from your party without the other leaving as well.

As a specialist mage, Dynaheir has extra spellslots for each level, but she is limited in being unable to scribe or cast any conjuration/summoning or enchantment/charm spells. Her speech patterns are very oddly phrased, with strangely misused archaic words, and she acts superior to everyone else in the party. She has never become a fan favorite the way Minsc has, and many people keep her in the party solely because of her bond with Minsc. She is also the only good-aligned mage in the game, barring a dual classed Imoen or a mage protagonist.

Her death is mentioned by Minsc at the very beginning of Baldur's Gate II; she is thus part of the 'default party'  that is assumed at the beginning of the sequel, even though she has no actual presence in the game.
Dynaheir is voiced by Jennifer Hale.

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