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Dynamite Dan is a fixed-screen action-platformer developed by Rod Bowkett and published by Mirrorsoft for multiple platforms.


According to the game's instructions screen, the plot of Dynamite Dan is as follows:

"The dastardly Dr. Blitzen aided by his glamourous assistant Donna has devised plans for a super psychon mega-ray. Their adversary and our hero, top agent Dynamite Dan, has been assigned to thwart their scheme for world domination by stealing the plans in an audacious swoop on the doctor's remote clifftop retreat.

Already Dan has completed stage one of his mission by landing his zeppelin on the doc's roof, now he must locate the plans hidden in Blitzen's safe.

The 8 sticks of dynamite needed to blow the safe are concealed around the house. Dan must find them, blow the safe, get the plans, and make his escape in his trusty blimp."


Dan's primary action is to jump. After running out of lives, the game lets the player know how many different screens have been visited over the course of the game.

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