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Dynasty Warriors 6 is a surprisingly improved game.

In the Warriors Orochi review I did not too long ago, I bashed it for being a formula that was done over, and over, and over again, with no new changes at all.

Well, Koei has finally produced a new Dynasty Warriors game, that finally starts to break out of it.

To anyone who's followed and played the DW series, you can instantly feel the change as soon as you get to playing in Dynasty Warriors 6, it simply seems to breathe a little more life. It takes the DW engine, and gives it a fresh new coat of paint.

You'll notice a little more freedom, being able to jump over (most) cliffs, and being able to swim through rivers, as well as your horse being able to swim them too. Another new addition, is the attack that never stops. Generally in DW games, you hit the normal attack button about 5 times, and the combo is over. In DW6, you can basically mash the button without end. A little tweak that makes things alot easier than hit, hit, hit, hit, rest. Now it's just hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, repeat infinity.

But also with that feature, comes an odd defense, that allows boss enemies to somehow be able to block every single attack you throw, even if it's behind them. Yes, apparently chinese legends had a magical ability to hold their weapons directly in front of them, and that enabled them to block from sneak attacks from the back as well. Although this is easy to combat, you just let off until they take their attack down, and just start mashing the attack again.

One small thing that bugged me was the view distance and spawn rates in this game, as overall, it's a black eye on this game. People appear and dissapear in front of you in the blink of an eye. An exceptionally bad example of this is when I was fighting a boss in a horde of enemies, when I unleashed an attack that sent them all dead and flying. Literally, all around me, directly in front, back, and sides, brand new ones spawned EXACTLY where the ones I had just killed had stood. There was no attempt to kayfabe it, they just appeared. It was certainly an odd moment, and it happens all the time in this game.

The difficulties have also improved somewhat. For example, no more cruising through modes in Easy. Easy now makes the enemy health bars smaller, and also decreases their AI a bit, but Bosses remain almost unchanged in Easy mode. For example, I blew through a horde of enemies with no sweat, only to meet Lu Bu and have him strike me down and kill me in literally 2 hits. Bosses must be feared at all times, even in Easy now.

Overall, this game is a definite improvement in the Dynasty Warriors series, perhaps the best since DW2. If you love the DW series, you should very much pick this up.

Posted by PureRok

Lu Bu is a bad example as a boss. I found all of the bosses weak and simple on Easy, but Lu Bu can kill a level 50 Zhao Yun in 6 hits on Easy (Personally tested). He was designed that way... His achievement is even read as "The God of War".

Also, you can defeat an enemy's defense by hitting them with Special (Y).

Beyond those two points I agree with your assessment. The enemies disappearing a foot away from you is rather annoying. They should have prioritized enemies closer to you to be shown.

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