Confirmed Characters (DW7)

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Here are some of the characters that have been confirmed... so far...
Returning/Revamped Characters:
Cao Cao (Wei -M)
Xiahou Dun (Wei - M)
Xiahou Yuan (Wei - M) 
Cao Ren (Wei - M)
Xu Huang (Wei - M)
Liu Bei (Shu - M)
Guan Yu (Shu - M)
Zhang Fei (Shu - M)
Ma Chao (Shu - M)   
Zhao Yun (Shu - M)
Xing Cai (Shu - F)
Zhuge Liang (Shu - M)
Sun Quan - (Wu - M)
Lu Xun (Wu - M)
Zhou Tai (Wu - M)
Da Qiao (Wu - F)
Lu Meng (Wu -M)
Ling Tong (Wu - M)
Zhang Jiao (Other - M)

New Characters: 
Sima Shi (Jin - M)
Sima Zhao (Jin - M)  
Zhuge Dan (Jin - M) 
Wang Yuanji (Jin - F)  
Bao Sanniang (Shu - F)
Cai Wenji (Wei- F)
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