Favorite Weapons.

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(I will have a bit of ignorance when it comes to this because I haven't played the series enough to know what weapons are actually new or not) 
But anyway, I have to say that my favorite weapon has to be the Gloves. Mainly because of the grappling combos you can do. I also love any of the Grapple Musou's, in particular Zhang Fei's.

#2 Posted by mikebonbon (5 posts) -

I love CaiWenji's Harp

#3 Posted by Morrow (1829 posts) -

My favourite ones are the Rapier for Sima Shi and the Flying Swords for Zhong Hui. Both are fast and have a strong AoE Musou attack. Although I often play with a simple Sword, because it is a nice and balanced weapon.

When it comes to pure visual style, I'd go with the Chakrams ♥

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I havent played 7 yet, but did they give Xiahou Dun his sword back?

#5 Posted by Morrow (1829 posts) -

@Icicle7x3 said:

I havent played 7 yet, but did they give Xiahou Dun his sword back?

You can choose different weapons for each character, so if you want to play Xiahou Dun with a sword, you can ^^

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