Which story mode did you choose?

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#1 Posted by InternetCrab (1579 posts) -

Which story mode of the Four Kingdoms (actually the game says it's 3 :P) did you choose? 
I choose Wu, Sun Jian is pwning.

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#2 Posted by Jalemar (7 posts) -

Shu - Always been a fan of Shu

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#3 Posted by VanillaPlant (155 posts) -

Wei, because it was the first one on the menu.

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#4 Posted by brandoncooper17 (217 posts) -


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#5 Posted by Sanious (799 posts) -

I literally played this all weekend with my friend, I had the weekend off from work and we pretty much played it all weekend. I really, really dug the story telling in this game. If you dig the source and can into it not being entirely accurate it's pretty good. We played through Shu, Wei and started Wu. Wei was the weakest so far, and Wu started off really interesting to me. 
I'm honestly not the hugest fan of the series, but my friend was and I was really enjoying it.

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#6 Edited by Vexed (327 posts) -

I always start with Wu because I dig the Sun family.  Working on Wei now.

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#7 Posted by thetrin (129 posts) -

Shu. Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Liu Bei are pretty much the center of the Three Kingdoms mythos, to me.

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#8 Posted by Bestostero (2919 posts) -

Wu, but obviously doing all of them lol

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#9 Posted by MrGetBonus (794 posts) -

Wu cuz Zhou Tai is a fucking bad ass, but I still did not get to play him God dammit. Otherwise, I woulda done Wei first for Xiahou Dun.

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#10 Posted by kingzetta (4497 posts) -

I played them all

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#11 Posted by monstersnsoup (85 posts) -

Wu, Wei, and playing through Shu

So far, I've liked Wei's the most. Wu's disappointed me for some reason, although the one level where you actually get to play as Huang Gai is great. He's a badass in this game

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#12 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

I played through Wei, Wu, Shu, and Jin, in that order.  Not really sure which one I liked the most, though Jin is certainly the freshest.  I'm not really sure which I'd say is my favorite, though I've always been partial to the Wu antics.

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#13 Posted by isawachuck (214 posts) -

I played through in the order of Wu, Shu, Wei and Jin.  I think the Wu campaign is the best story, but Jin is certainly fun as well.
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#14 Posted by delorean99947 (267 posts) -
@VanillaPlant: Same here.
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#15 Posted by Morrow (1870 posts) -

I wanted to start with Jin, but they told me it's better to start with one of the others (for chronological reasons). So I started With Wei and did the rest as it came. I liked all stories and have my favourites in every family ^^

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