Will I enjoy this game?

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I played DW3 way back in the day and thoroughly enjoyed going through "Free Play" mode and leveling the shit out of my favorite characters. The grind was interesting when I felt like I was achieving something. From what I've heard, there isnt a "free" mode in 7, but is there still an interesting way to do about the same thing?

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It's like watching an anime...seen one seen 'em all.

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@TheDudeOfGaming said:
" It's like watching an anime...seen one seen 'em all. "
Do you like killing thousands of guys with zero AI? If so, yes you will.
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 Well you dont have a free mode, BUT what you do in conquest will reflect on storymode when it comes to skills,weapon unlocks,seals, and gold  and vice versa.

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So is there an RPG mechanic?
And yes, i actually do enjoy killing thousands of dudes with zero AI... If theres some kind of point to it... I'm easy to please.

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@HyBound said:
" So is there an RPG mechanic?  And yes, i actually do enjoy killing thousands of dudes with zero AI... If theres some kind of point to it... I'm easy to please. "
There is kind of an RPG mechanic in that any weapons/seals (abilities for weapons), skill points, and weapon levels persist across both Story and Conquest modes. So you can be like me, power through the four stories, and be powered up for Conquest Mode. 
There isn't really a 'Free Mode' so much as there is 'A mode where you can play as a dude and go through a shitton of stages to become the best badass in China and also maybe make some friends and shit that will fight with you.' Then there is story mode which is exactly what it says: The stories of the Three Kingdoms and the new Jin kingdom. Except it is an actual story this time instead of just a series of battles; and by that I mean there are a series of battles, but now they are connected via story and you don't just play as one dude for the whole thing. It's pretty well done. 
So either way you look at it, you have two ways to slaughter dudes. And both modes have their individual points to it.
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Do you like Dynasty Warriors?!  Do you like it in a boat?  Do you like it with a goat?  Do you like it in the rain And in the dark?  And on a train?  And in a car?  And in a tree?  The game is so good so good you see!  So will you play it in a box?  And will you play it with a fox?  And will you play it in a house?   And will you play it with a mouse?  And will you play it here and there? 
Do you like Dynasty Warriors, good sir?  I hear this one is the best of them all!

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@VelvetLore04:  Sounds good buddy, thanks for that!
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Go watch the quick looks for dynasty warrior gundam on the site, this game will be a lot like that as far as the gameplay. I'm pretty sure that the demos are up on PSN/XBL, if you enjoy pressing one button a lot then yes you'll probably like it.

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If you liked the series at all, you will most likely enjoy this one. It is one of the best one of the series imo. 
There is no free mode, but conquest mode is there and that is something you can level guys on. Each character has a small skill tree and like mentioned there are seals that you can get from weapons that have different attributes. Once you get them from a weapon you can add them to other weapons to fit your liking. 
As far as 'leveling' goes, when it comes to story mode whatever characters you play will level up pretty easy. They seem to be pretty generous on points when it comes to the story mode. Any other characters you would probably have to grind in a few conquest missions to get their trees down and other seals. One in particular that I won't mention as to not really spoil anything. 
(This is experience with the game when playing it all weekend, went through two campaigns and a quarter of Shu's. Also doing a huge portion of Conquest mode as well)

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Depends how much you enjoy pressing one button 8,908 times or more
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Actually there are 4 buttons. 
Light Attack, Strong Attack, Musou, and Jump.

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I don't think so. 

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