Would you like to see new characters or returning characters?

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#1 Posted by Bestostero (2919 posts) -

In Dynasty Warriors 6, a lot of the characters we're cut out and the one's that came back had been redone...
So, for Dynasty Warriors 7 would you like to see returning characters that didn't show up in 6 that will also get a new "make over" or would you like to see new characters all together? 
I'm hoping it'll be a mixture of both new and returning...I want to see more females for Wei and Shu.

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#2 Posted by M_33 (531 posts) -

Definitely revamped characters over new. I feel they got really lazy in DW6 making half the roster have cloned fighting styles. I'd like to see old favorites like Zhu Rong come back especially.  

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#3 Posted by ldt1982 (25 posts) -

All I know is that Dian Wei better be in this game. I'm certain that he will be since he has been in every single game of the franchise. EVIL COMES!!!
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#4 Posted by Jalemar (7 posts) -

NOw that 7 is out, I would like to see more Jin characters. Shu officers like Shamoke, Wu's Zhu Ran, Wei's Xun YU or Cai Mao

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